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    Indonesia is Ready to Enter the Top 10 of the World Economic Power, in 2030


    BANDUNG - Head of the Industrial Technology Application Assessment Division at the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Bambang Riznanto, said the demographic bonus must be utilized to face the Industrial 4.0 era.

    He explained, the dream brought by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry is actually to make Indonesia one of the top 10 world economic powers in 2030. This is believed to be achieved by increasing the value of net exports to 10%, doubling productivity, and allocating a budget of 2% of GDP national for industrial development and research.

    In addition, the government through the Ministry of Industry has also set 5 main industries in Indonesia, namely food and beverages, textiles, automotive, electronics and chemicals. The hope is that with the implementation of industry 4.0 which is focused on the 5 main industries, then the ideals of Indonesia can also be achieved.

    Then, what kind of implementation is meant by the Ministry of Industry? Bambang emphasizes one idea, namely connectivity. He revealed many examples of businesses outside the network that died because they failed to compete with businesses in the network that were easily accessible and touched all levels of society.

    "Young people should understand programming with the internet, then they can compete," he said at ITB Bandung.

    The Ministry of Industry itself also prepares several programs, such as pilot plants, training programs for prospective corporate leaders using base 4.0 such as large data analysis and internet of things, to provide work incubation spaces such as Bandung Techno Park and Tohpati Center.

    The government as a whole will take part in this 4.0 Indonesia "project".

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