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    Without Interest & Collateral, Ridwan Kamil Launches "Mesra Kredit" Through Houses of Worship


    BOGOR REGENCY-To improve the accessibility of West Java people to access capital, the West Java Provincial Government launched the Mesra (Prosperous Economic Community) credit program. This loan is provided without interest and without collateral.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurated the credit program in collaboration with Bank BJB at the Jami Al Hikmah Mosque, Jl. Raya Leuwiliang, Cibeber Village, Leuwiliang District, Bogor Regency, Tuesday (11/26/18).

    The implementation of the bjb Mesra program was intentionally carried out in a place of worship. In addition to increasing the faith of the people, this is an attempt by the government to make it easier for the public to obtain microfinance. The community simply comes to the nearest mosque or place of worship.

    "Why in a house of worship? Because the Indonesian people are a religious nation and the name of the place of worship is everywhere," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    "Instead of the hardships of moneylenders or strangling our necks, it's better to just come to the house of worship," he added.

    Until now, the Mesra program has provided loan access to 78 people with a total distribution of more than Rp 150 million. They came from six locations, namely one temple and five mosques in Bogor Regency. This Mesra Credit will not only be channeled through mosques, but also houses of worship or other religious communities, such as churches, temples, temples, and temples.

    "I am the leader of all religious communities, I have been sworn in to guard the Pancasila. I will not discriminate what religion is. The Governor of West Java must help all of his people," Emil explained.

    The implementation of the Mesra Credit will be carried out through the collaboration of related religious institutions that have been registered with the Religious Institution Council, as well as active management and have become agents of Laku Pandai. This loan with a ceiling of Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 5 million will be given to individuals in groups in the form of joint responsibility, in groups of at least 5 people and a maximum of 10 people.

    Bank bjb President Director Ahmad Irfan explained that this bogb is different from other types of loans. "This program is motivated by social phenomena in the community, especially in regions with minimal access to finance, so that they are entangled in informal loans with very high interest rates," he said.

    Through this program, BJB will also provide training facilities and microfinance guidance to the community, as one of the conditions for obtaining a friendly loan. Loans are not subject to interest charges and without collateral, only subject to a mild administrative fee with a maximum period of 12 months.

    "So that this loan will be effective, right on target and lead to the welfare of the people," said Irfan.

    This was confirmed by the Chairman of the West Java MUI Rachmat Syafe'i who attended the Mesra launching event. He said that the Mesra program would support the strengthening of the people's economy. Moreover credit provided without interest and collateral.

    "This world is a place of business to get birth and spiritual well-being," said Rachmat.

    "Moreover, this intimate requirement is without collateral, without interest. This is what the people are looking forward to. Because usually the community needs capital with interest, this is rather difficult," he continued.

    Meanwhile, according to Bogor Regent Nurhayanti, bjb Mesra is a comprehensive program provided by the West Java Provincial Government. Because in addition to providing reinforcement for micro-businesses, they will also contribute to reducing unemployment.

    "This is a comprehensive program, because it will not only have an impact on employment. If MSMEs survive, the workforce will be absorbed," said Nurhayanti.

    "Hopefully it will be a solution. First, to strengthen MSMEs, and secondly it will reduce unemployment," he said.

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