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    West Java Offers Aerocity Kertajati Investment to Singapore


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government continues to offer investment opportunities in the Aerocity Kertajati area, Majalengka to foreign parties.

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said this opportunity was offered by his side when he received the leadership of PT Surbana Jurong & Enterprise Singapore, which is an international consulting company affiliated with Singapore state-owned Temasek. "They came to explore the potential for cooperation, especially related to smart city with West Java," he said, Tuesday (11/27/2018).

    In addition to discussing partnership that is a partnership between Singapore and West Java, on this occasion Surbana Jurong has received an offer from his side regarding investment in the aerocity area of Kertajati, Majalengka. "They are interested in working on LRT Bandung Raya, Jatigede SPAM, and aerocity," he said.

    According to him, the company which is also working on the TOD Walini masterplan for the Jakarta-Bandung Fast Train project is exploring a number of investment opportunities and new cooperation with West Java. "For aerocity they will make further discussions, this is exploratory. Because the opportunity is open there, "he said.

    Surbana Jurong said Iwa also conveyed the ability to attract investor partners and financial partners from Singapore to enter the aerocity commercial area. Iwa hopes that if realized, the aerocity area whose space has been mapped by PT BIJB can be filled by international companies. "This is just the stage of interest, so it really needs further meetings," he said.

    Previously after being installed at Gedung Sate, Majalengka Regent Karna Sobahi said that his party had issued principle permits for the 1000 hectare aerocity land of 3500 hectares planned to be built by PT BIJB and business partners. This land is to start the construction of apartments and hotels specifically for pilgrimage. "The principle permit of 1000 hectares first, [status] has been cleared. Some have not been released, but the one that has been fixed is only 1000 hectares, "he said.

    According to him, this permit is intended to streamline the development which was immediately launched by PT BIJB in December. Although not all have been released, Karna ensures that his party will continue to prepare for permits for all 3500 hectares of land according to aerocity needs. "While 1000 hectares, because we need for Hajj. We are pursuing the Hajj hostel, "he said.

    Because detailing, besides aerocity, the needs of Kertajati Airport supporting facilities also still require a lot of investors. According to him, until now there are no hotels, large restaurants and hospitals that are qualified as an important part of the airport. "We want to bring investors together to develop the acceleration of BIJB and aerocity," he said.

    It also will support the ease of investment into the aerocity area by ensuring the speed of licensing. According to him, all official service organizations (OPD) in Majalengka Regency are ready to carry out the procedure. "Many of West Java's interests are in Majalengka regarding the existence of airports and aerocity. This is a very extraordinary demand and competition, "he explained. (Even)

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