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    Karawang Santri Monument, Form of Respect to the Main Elements of the NKRI


    KARAWANG REGENCY- As a form of respect for the santri who have become the main element of the existence of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil signed the Tugu Santri inauguration inscription at the Great Mosque of Syech Quro Karawang, West Square Street, West Karawang, Karawang Regency, Monday (11/26/18).

    "We want to respect the santri as the main element in the existence of the NKRI," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    It became special because the first Tugu Santri in West Java was in the first place the spread of Islam on the island of Java, especially in West Java, namely Karawang Regency. Syech Quro Great Mosque has a long history because it was built in the 15th century or in 1418 AD by Wali Allah, Syech Hasanudin or Syech Quro which was originally a boarding school called Quro Islamic Boarding School.

    "The first Islam first appeared in West Java at the Syech Quro Great Mosque," Emil said.

    Emil hoped that Tugu Santri in Karawang would become a symbol of Islamic Karawang. In addition, the inauguration of Tugu Santri is expected to be a momentum to reinforce the role of santri as peacemakers who are oriented towards the spirit of moderation in Islam, and maintain the integrity and unity of the ummah.

    "We feel very proud because we expect positive contributions from the santri, not just symbols but the existence of santri," Emil said.

    "Because we need students who are multi-talented, not only in the religious field but in the fields of government, business, etc.," he said.

    Washington DC High Priest Admits Tolerance in Indonesia

    At the ceremony of the Tugu Santri inauguration, the High Priest of the Washington DC Mosque, the United States of America, attended Mohammad Bashar Arafat. Himself present in Karawang as part of a series of da'wah visits in Indonesia.

    Bashar also gave great respect to the history of the development of Islam in Indonesia. He claimed to have learned about Islam in Indonesia, so Bashar was very familiar with the history of the Wali Songo.

    "I learned a lot about Wali Songo which brought peaceful Islam, Islam that embraced because I knew the culture in Indonesia that was diverse," said the High Priest from Damascus, Syria.

    "The message brought by Wali Songo is currently very much needed in America and Europe because of how it can interact with a sense of peace," he added.

    For this reason, according to Basash, America and Europe need to learn from Indonesia about tolerance between religious followers.

    "America and Europe must learn to Indonesian people who are so tolerant, because here there are many other religions besides Islam, one another can respect each other," he said.

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