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    Bawaslu Ordered 1,600 Breaking Campaign Props


    BANDUNG REGENCY- As many as 1,600 Campaign Props (APK) and Campaign Materials (BK) from various categories both banners and baligo were installed in a number of places and violated regulations, today, Monday (26/11) the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) of Bandung Regency was disciplined. .

    Bandung Regency Bawaslu's Supervisory, Public Relations and Relations Division Coordinator, Hedi Ardia revealed, the control of APK and BK will continue to be carried out because in the field there are still many legislative candidates who do not heed the rules in the installation of APKs and dissemination of BKs.

    "When talking about the APK, there are two, namely baligo and banners, while outside of that is the poster, stickers or other leaflets, called campaign material," Hedi told reporters in Soreang on Monday (11/26).

    According to Hedi, the authority to control APKs and BKs was directly handed down to sub-district supervisors (Panwascam) who coordinated with the Satpol PP in their respective regions, but not all Panwascam had conducted enforcement for various reasons, including readiness and alertness of other agencies.

    "Previously, Panwascam sent recommendations from a number of APKs and BKs that were considered to violate PKPU provisions No. 33/2018 and the implementation of RI Bawaslu Circular No 1990 related to the implementation of campaign methods to the District Election Committee (PPK) and subsequently followed up by PPK by issuing warning letters to election participants, "he said.

    Hedi stated, before conducting the control, the PPK sent a warning letter to reduce the election to participants of the election for a maximum of 1 x 24 hours, and if they were not heeded, the election supervisor with the Satpol PP within 3 working days was required to carry out the enforcement.

    "We do not immediately control but we first send a letter to the success team and the candidate who installed the APK and BK," he said. (Parno)

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