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    Rumah Zakat with YLKI Helps Departed the Umrah Fraud Victims


    BANDUNG - Victims of fake Umrah travel fraud can finally smile after being able to leave for the Holy Land through assistance from Rumah Zakat and YLKI.

    Rumah Zakat together with YLKI (Indonesian Consumers Foundation) dispatched Umrah to worshipers who were victims of Umrah travel fraud. The funds came from a donation platform sharinghappiness.com which was collected for seven months in the amount of Rp. 153,599,529.

    "During 2017, YLKI received reports that more than 22,000 worshipers were victims of naughty umrah travel. Even though some of the pilgrims are from the poor, they have collected umrah fees for decades, some have sold rice, sold ice, peddlers, pedicab drivers, and other professions, "said Tulus, Chairperson of the YLKI Daily Executive via his press release on Monday / 11).

    Tulus added, he wanted to help restore civil rights of some of the poor who were victims of Umrah travel. Therefore, YLKI in collaboration with Rumah Zakat invited the community to donate to dispatch 99 worshipers from the poor.

    "Alhamdulillah, until now only five pilgrims of travel fraud victims are ready to be sent off by raising funds from sharinghappiness.org. The five pilgrims will depart together with one congregation funded from YLKI, God willing, they will depart on Monday (11/26), "said Dang Heppy as the Div. Sharinghappiness.org Management.

    Dang Heppy hopes that people's enthusiasm to help others continues to increase. He also said that to reach the target of sending 99 pilgrims, around 2 billion needed funds. jo

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