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    BJB President Director: BJB Mesra has Light Administration Fee, No Interest & No Collateral


    BANDUNG-bjb Mesra (Prosperous Economic Community) is the latest breakthrough program being prepared by the West Java Provincial Government along with bank bjb. This loan is not subject to interest charges and without collateral, only subject to a mild administrative fee.

    "This bjb Mesra is different from other types of loans, motivated by social phenomena in the community, especially in regions with minimal access to finance, so that they are entangled in informal loans with very high interest rates. In addition, this loan has a mild administrative fee, interest-free, no collateral, and a maximum term of 12 months, "explained Bank Director BJB Ahmad Irfan, to reporters responding to Friday's Mesra launch plan.

    According to Ahmad Irfan, the administrative fees that will be charged to the recipients of the bjb Mesra facility are the operational costs of field officers, stamp fees, printing forms, and others. The value is relatively not large and is only charged once, at the beginning of the loan receipt.

    "Through this program, in addition to increasing capital loans for businesses, the community can also increase their knowledge and capabilities in the form of business management training and financial management training," Ahmad Irfan added.

    For the implementation of bjb Mesra will be carried out through the collaboration of related religious institutions that have been registered with the Religious Institution Council, as well as active management and have become agents of Laku Pandai. Loans will be given to individuals in the form of groups with a joint responsibility pattern, in groups of at least 5 people and a maximum of 10 people.

    The Mesra bjb program was presented at JAPRI (West Java Has Information) activities held at Gedung Sate, Bandung (11/23/18). JAPRI activities held by the West Java Provincial Government Public Relations, presented several speakers to present the Mesra bjb program. The speakers present at the event were the leader of the bank's UMKM Division, Denny Mulyadi, Head of KUK Dudi Sudrajat, Head of the Division. Economy of Bappeda Iendra Sofyan, and Head of Bureau of SPI BUMD Noneng Komara Nengsih.

    In this activity, it was stated that the Mesra bjb is a loan that can facilitate small business actors for the pre-prosperous community.

    "The bjb bank is collaborating with the West Java Government to provide loan programs with conditions that are not difficult for West Java residents, and also we want to help small entrepreneurs to develop their businesses," said Denny Mulyadi.

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