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    Bandung Printed Insurance Day 2018 MURI Record


    BANDUNG-The series of 2018 Insurance Day activities began in October 2018 and ended in Bandung, as the city where 2018 Insurance Day activities will take place.

    Chairman of the 2018 Insurance Day Committee, Yanti Parapat said that during the 2018 Insurance Day activity, insurance literacy activities were held in 18 cities, and received recognition from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI), as an "Literacy Insurance for Students in the Most Cities", with total Literacy participants were 6,065 people.

    The selection of the city of Bandung is based, because it is one of the cities that has creative, active and innovative resources, with a large number of productive ages, and has an awareness of increasing financial inclusion.

    "Bandung is the right city, to be able to represent and represent other millennial genes throughout Indonesia towards the importance of insurance for life," Yanti told reporters in Bandung on Saturday (11/24/2018).

    Yanti added that Insurance Day 2018 carries the theme "Let's Get Insurance", the theme brings a message, to jointly invite the people of Indonesia to be more familiar with insurance. One way is to do consistent and sustainable insurance literacy.

    The peak of the 2018 Insurance Day event is packaged into a festival in the form of exhibition, CSR and Fun Walk activities. The exhibition will be filled by insurance industry stands held within Trans Studio Mall, while the Funwalk and carnival activities will take place tomorrow morning. This activity aims to become an attractive attraction to the public, to realize the importance of insurance, in accordance with the tagline that was launched.

    "The committee also works with the Bandung community to carry out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in the form of painting public facilities, parks, public gatherings and mural media located in Kebon Waru Village and Gumuruh Village, which is located in Bandung's Batununggal District," he concluded. (Even)

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