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    Father's Role in 1000 HPK: Important!


    BANDUNG - Commemorating National Father's Day which falls every November 12 and as a follow up to the West Java Zero Stunting declaration, the National Family Planning Population Board (BKKBN) of West Java Province held a casual talk on the theme "Great Father, Father Champion: Strengthening Stunting's Father's Role "which was held at the West Parking Building Gedung Sate Bandung, Sunday (11/25/18) morning.

    This casual talk presented four speakers, including: Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa, Chair of TP PKK West Java Province Atalia Ridwan Kamil, Head of BKKBN West Java Province Sukaryo Teguh Santoso, and Observer and Practitioner of Child Care and Growth from Triggered the Creative Run of Andi Yudha Asfandiyar.

    Iwa Regional Secretary said that the involvement of fathers in care is often considered to be only a supporter of the mother, even though the father can do care as well as the mother in recognizing and responding to the needs of the child.

    "The father's role is declared that father is the leader, in this case the main role of father is not only earning a living but also in the context of parenting and family development which certainly has a positive impact on children's cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development," he said.

    "In terms of overcoming stunting, the West Java Provincial Government has made several efforts, such as implementing maternal neonatal health assistance, technical guidance on improving community nutrition, village assistants, community nutrition development, strengthening posyandu and disseminating Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS)," added Iwa.

    In line with Iwa, BKKBN Jabar's Chief Representative also revealed that stunting prevention can be done by optimizing the 1000 First Day of Life (HPK) program and coaching in the Toddler Family Development (BKB) group.

    "BKKBN has compiled the book 'The Role of Father in Parenting', '1000 First Days of Life', and 'Becoming Great Parents', these books are made to build awareness, understanding and ability for Fathers to optimally perform their duties and functions, "Teguh said.

    "A great father will fight hard to fulfill the rights of children in 1000 HPK. Not only to prevent stunting, but also to realize a prosperous family," he said.

    At present the West Java BKKBN has compiled a Population, Family Planning and Family Development (KKBPK) program, this program has become very strategic in West Java given the largest population in Indonesia. Thus, family planning (KB) should not be understood in a narrow context, only limited to contraception.

    In West Java, the appointment policy for family planning counseling volunteers, called the Village / Village Driving Team, has been started since knowing. 2010, and this has become a model for KKBPK policy at the national level.

    "The existence of Field Workers (KB Extension Workers, Village / Outreach Activists, Family Planning Posts, and Sub-KB Posters) has become very important. They are the frontline of the KKBPK program in the field that has great potential to move the community," Teguh explained.

    Exactly a week ago, the Regional Government of West Java Province collaborated with the Presidential Staff Office of the Republic of Indonesia to declare preventive stunting in West Java titled Jabar Zero Stunting.

    In this case, the role of father as parent and head of the family is very large. Fathers play a central role in the family through the fulfillment of eight family functions, namely religious functions, social culture, love, protection, reproduction, socialization and education, economics, and environmental preservation.

    If all fathers in West Java are increasingly aware of their responsibilities as family heads and are aware of their role as parents to be fully involved in the caregiving process for children early on, Indonesian children will grow up to be pious, healthy, intelligent, cheerful, independent children , and creative.

    Great Father, West Java Family Born Birth Champion.

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