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    BJB and West Java KUK Service Launched Mesra Credit


    BANDUNG - Bank bjb in collaboration with the Government of West Java Province (Jabar) through the Office of Cooperatives and MSMEs launched credit for micro circles called credit Mesra bjb. The latest credit socialization itself was presented to reporters at JAPRI # 8 in Gedung Sate, Friday (11/23).

    Head of the Cooperative and Small Business Office (KUK) Dudi Sudrajat said, one of the problems of micro-enterprises is access to capital, so a cheap and easy credit scheme is needed, even without the need for collateral.

    "This intimate credit is one solution. The approach is through mosques, where mosque worshipers will get priority, and poor citizens, "he explained.

    Meanwhile the leader of the Bank's UMKM Division bjb Dedy Mulyadi added, intimate credit would be prioritized for the poor, especially in the periphery, which had been facing difficulties in accessing capital from banks.

    "We provide capital worth Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 5,000,000 per person, according to their needs, and repay the payment for a maximum of one year," he said.

    This credit does not require collateral, but must be submitted in groups from the neighborhood of the mosque and its surroundings, between 5 and 10 people. In addition to getting capital assistance, credit recipients will also receive microfinance training and business assistance. jo

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