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    Army Chief of Staff Inaugurated 406 Young Officers


    BANDUNG- As many as 406 abituren (Youth Officers) of the Indonesian Military Army in 2018 were sworn in as AD Army Officers which took place during the Prasetya Perwira Diktukpasus TNI AD 2018 ceremony held at Wiradhika Secapa Field, Friday (11/23).

    Army Chief of Staff (Kasad) General TNI Mulyono acted as Inspector of the TNI AD Prasetya Perwira Diktukpasus Ceremony in 2018 with Ceremony Commander Colonel Inf Elkines Vilando Dewangga K., S.A.P. who currently serves as the Student Regiment Commander.

    The Prasetya Perwira held today was the highlight, after the day before the Thursday (22/11) ceremony of the Closing of Education by the AD Commander Brigadier General Urip Wahyudi, S.l.P. was held.

    Education which opened on September 4, 2018 and lasted for more or less three months was attended by 406 Diktukpasus Student Officers who were subsequently sworn in as Officers in the presence of Kasad in accordance with their respective religions.

    Letda Inf Wiyarto, from the Kodam IXI / Udayana Unit won the best graduate achievement and received the Wiradhika Trisakti Award (three aspects of the ability of a reliable officer) which was given directly by Kasad with the accumulated scores reaching 911,175 points in 3 (three) fields (academic , body and personality).

    According to Kasad, TNI General Mulyono, Officer status is an honor, dignity and pride that must be maintained through a commitment to place tasks above all else.

    "I congratulate the Officers and their families for their success in completing the Education Formation of the Special Armed Forces of the Army AD 2018 so that it is officially inaugurated today," he said.

    Kasad hoped that these officers would be able to equip themselves to continue their next education and develop professionalism as soldiers.

    "Officers must understand their duties in accordance with their responsibilities and unit work programs so that they can create disciplined professional warriors who are good at shooting, good at war, good at self defense and have good physical condition," he said.

    Kasas also hopes that officers must also be ready to become Agent of Change, in accordance with the challenges of the task faced with changes, developments and technological advancements. Related to the development of IT technology and Officers, they should be able to guide and direct their subordinates and their families to use information media intelligently, precisely and wisely to maintain the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia by promoting the moral quality and distinctive spirit and noble values ??of the Indonesian Nation, as the National Immunity.

    "As a leader in a unitary organization, Pewira is expected to be able to guard his soldiers so that they do not suffer the bad influence of the development that can harm the personal reputation and institutional image of the Army and be an example to the people by not being authoritarian, apathetic and selfish. "it creates a limitation gap and a crisis of trust between soldiers and their leaders," he explained. (Parno)

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