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    Prof. Dr. J.S. Badudu Passed Away


    Bandung – Prof. Dr. H Jusuf Sjarif Badudu who is commonly known as J. S Badudu had passed away on Saturday 10 pm in RSHS due to his illness. He was born in Gorontalo on March 19, 1926. 
    He was a linguistics professor in UNPAD. He was also known by the public to host “Pembinaan Bahasa Indonesia” programme on TVRI (1974-1979).

    On 1955, he graduated from B-1 degree on Bahasa Indonesia and got his bachelor degree in the Faculty of Literature of Padjajaran University also in Bandung (1963). On 1971-1973 he continued his study to Leidse Rijksuniversiteit Leiden University in Netherland to get his master degree. On 1975 he got his doctoral on literature majoring in linguistics from Indonesia University, Jakarta through his dissertation entitled “Verb Morphology in Gorontalo Language” 

    He is a figure of a real teacher. He dedicated all of his life to educate Indonesian children. As a person who is really concern in education, especially in Indonesian language education, he had dedicated his life to educate since he was on the age of 15 and 5 months.  He was an elementary school teacher in Ampana, Central Sulawesi until 1951. On 1951-1955, he was a junior high school teacher in Poso, Central Sulawesi, and on 1955-1964 he was a high school teacher in Bandung. He also dedicated his power and became a lecturer in the faculty of literature of Padjajaran University, Bandung on 1965-1991. 

    Since 1982, he is a professor of linguistics on post-graduate degree of UNPAD and UPI Bandung. He also became the professor of Pakuan University, Bogor since 1991 and in Jakarta National University since 1994. He educated elementary school teacher in six provinces (West Sumatera, D.I. Aceh, North Sulawesi, Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, and D.I Yogyakarta) for at least three years during the Preliminary Education Quality Improvement Project (PEQIP). PEQIP is a German aid agency which was in collaboration with The Department of Education and Culture (today, it is known as the Department of National Education). On 1995-1997, he visited the provinces twice a year. 


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