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    Een Sukaesih Award, This is Five Inspiring Teachers in West Java 2018


    BANDUNG - For the third time, the West Java Education Agency cooperates with Ini Koran supported by Bank BJB to provide an Inspirational West Java Teacher Award "Een Sukaesih Award (ESA) 2018".

    The Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum attended to open the 2018 ESA event which was held in the East Hall of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Thursday night (11/22/18).

    Through this gift, the Deputy Governor of Uu hopes that the figure of Een Sukaesih can be an inspiration for teachers in West Java. For Uu, Een Sukaesih is a person who has idealism in life and his idealism is used for the benefit of the people.

    Uu also advised educators in West Java so that not only the subject matter was given to students. However, love between teachers and students also needs to be given to the success of future generations.

    "I hope to the educators, not only the subject matter given, not the certification, not only the lesson given, but the compassion between the teacher and students for the success of future generations," Uu said in his speech.

    Meanwhile, Head of the West Java Education Department Education and Teacher Staff Asep Suhanggang said that the West Java Inspiring Teacher award began in 2016. This is one form of commitment of the West Java Provincial Government in improving the quality of education through appreciation given to teachers in West Java.

    "The purpose of this award is to encourage, motivate, and inspire educators to continue to develop education through loving education and sincerity," Asep said in his speech representing the Head of the West Java Education Agency.

    There are five categories given, namely:
    1. Inspiring TK / RA / TKLB teachers were won by Neni Utami Adiningsih from RA Alif, Cileunyi, Kabupaten Bandung;
    2. Inspirational Teachers SD / MI / SDLB (Nono Daryono from SDT Krida Nusantara, Kota Bandung);
    3. Inspirational Middle School / MTs / SMPLB Teachers (Endang Wahyu Widisari from SMPN 4, Cikalong Wetan, West Bandung Regency);
    4. Inspiring Teacher of SMA / SMK / MA / SMALB (Yamin Kamaludin from SMAT Baiturrahman, Ciparay, Kabupaten Bandung); and
    5. Inspirational Teachers of Non-formal / Informal Education (Rohman Gumilar from TBM Bina Kreasi Muda, Sumedang Regency).

    The prizes given to the winners were a trophy and cash of Rp 20 million for the first winner of each category and for the large cash prize nominations of Rp 2 million.

    The use of the name Een Sukaesih in this award is a form of recognition and appreciation for the work and dedication of Wa Een (Een Sukaesih's nickname) to the world of education. Een, also dubbed the Teacher of the Heart, has devoted his life to educating children in his village in Sumedang even though he suffered paralysis for 27 years until the end of his life.

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