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    144 West Java Residents Receive DDS Award 75 Times from PMI


    BANDUNG - A total of 144 West Java residents received 75 times the Voluntary Blood Donation (DDS) Award from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) of West Java Province in 2018.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum accompanied by West Java PMI Chairman Adang Rochjana gave the award in the East Hall of Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Thursday (11/22/18).

    Of these 139 people were male donors or DDSs and 5 women. The PMI of Bandung City accounted for the highest number of DDS, namely 81 people, followed by the PMI Bogor Regency (29 people), PMI Subang Regency (21 people), PMI Cianjur Regency (7 people), PMI Bandung Regency (3 people), PMI Bekasi District (2 people), and PMI Ciamis Regency (1 person).

    The Deputy Governor of Uu said that the award was a form of respect for donors who had contributed to the field of humanity. In addition, 75 times the DDS has also contributed to improving public health.

    "The awarding of this award is a form of respect and appreciation to those who have contributed because they have improved public health," the Deputy Governor said in his speech.

    The availability of blood gourds in an area ideally reaches 2% of the total population. For West Java, the needs reach around 920 thousand pumpkins from a population of 46.3 million. However, the number fulfilled only reached around 550 thousand pumpkins. The Head of West Java PMI Adang Rochjana said that the obstacle faced to meet this blood stock requirement was the availability of blood storage equipment.

    While efforts to meet the deficiency of blood gourds are usually through a donor replacement. In addition, the West Java PMI also asked the Regional Government of West Java Province to be able to meet the needs of blood storage equipment in West Java PMI.

    "But still with a replacement donor, it can still be fulfilled. Because if we have to be ready, actually our storage (blood) is lacking, "said Adang.

    "So, we submit to the local government to submit a tool. Because (blood) has expiration, if it is stored too long, let alone not using sterile materials or equipment, the blood will be damaged, so we need more storage devices, "he added.

    Adang also admitted that the enthusiasm of the people of West Java to donate blood was quite high. Every day there are thousands of donors who donate blood to 27 PMI regencies / cities throughout West Java.

    "The enthusiasm of the people of West Java is huge, if counted (number of donors) thousands because of 27 districts / cities. Only if it is full of storage (blood) does it stop first, even if there are people who want our donors to ask for the following week, "Adang explained.

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