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    Strengthen the Character of the Young Generation, West Java Will Hold the AMS Program


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government through the Education Office held a socialization program for the West Java Province Ajengan Masuk Sekolah (AMS) 2018 in Ki Hajar Dewantara Office of the West Java Education Office, Dr. Radjiman Street No. 6, Bandung City, Thursday (11/22/18).

    The AMS program is to strengthen the character of the nation's young generation through learning Islamic Education (PAI), a collaboration between PAI teachers in schools and the ajengan, especially those from Islamic boarding schools in West Java.

    The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, who was present at the event, said that he did not want moral decadence to occur in the younger generation in West Java. The solution is through strengthening the learning of religious education in schools.

    "The solution we are doing is providing religious education to adolescents of puberty. Why are they moral decadence? Because they are superficial in their aqeedah," Uu said in his direction before around 200 ajengan and high school / vocational and high school principals who in West Java.

    AMS is an educational program that is tailored to the President Joko Widodo's Nawacita program and Vice President Jusuf Kalla, where the goals of national education are in addition to educating the nation's life as well as increasing the faith and devotion of students. This program will begin to be implemented in the new school year 2019.

    "Nawacitanya Pak Jokowi is character education and mental revolution, the vision and mission of West Java that brought us and Kang Emil is a West Java world-hereafter champion, champion of inner birth," said Uu.

    The Deputy Governor of Uu hopes that AMS can answer the concerns of parents who are anxious about the current conditions, where morality is a very valuable item for human beings. Uu said, having children who have good character is an invaluable asset.

    "Hopefully this program is able to answer the concerns of parents, anxiety of parents when there are parents who feel anxious because they have children who are puberty, showing morals and morals in the presence of parents as they wish," said Deputy Governor Uu.

    "We believe that parents will have invaluable assets, but I don't pay artos if I have children who are good at having good character, have good morality," he added.

    In line with the Deputy Governor of Uu, according to the Head of West Java Education Agency Ahmad Hadadi, the AMS program is to strengthen national education programs and the younger generation to gain character strengthening. This is done through collaboration between the Ajengan or Islamic boarding schools in order to be able to color the education system in the SMA / SMK and SLB under the auspices of the West Java Provincial Government.

    "In line with strengthening character education that has been proclaimed by the President through its Presidential Regulation (Presidential Regulation) 87/2017. In order for national education to be strengthened, so that our generation has character," Ahmad Hadadi said.

    "And one of the character values ??is religious values," he said.

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