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    Strengthen Government Programs, Regional Secretary Iwa: Need Central & Regional Coordination


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa Opens Seminar on the Ministry of Finance Economic Forum (FEKK) at the Holiday Inn Pasteur Bandung, Thursday (11/22/18).

    According to him, continuous efforts are needed in building synergies, coordination, and strengthening synchronization and integration between central government and regional government programs. In addition, involvement from the private sector is also very important in creating added value for the region, creating new jobs, reducing unemployment and encouraging productivity and innovation.

    "We hope that later on the results of this seminar will become an input from the Ministry of Finance in the context of budget allocation. It has been conveyed objective conditions in West Java where there are several aspects that we need to improve," said Iwa.

    Iwa said: In the third quarter of 2018, the West Java economy grew by 5.58% compared to the same period last year and was above the national economic growth of 5.17%. In terms of business sector, the economic growth of West Java in the third quarter was supported by almost all business ventures which were dominated by the manufacturing sector by 41.59%.

    "With these conditions, of course we must continue to work hard to improve economic growth to support the achievement of sustainable development, job creation, poverty alleviation," he added.

    Budget for the 2018 State Budget for Java Province through the Ministry of Education / Institution Dipa is IDR 45.5 trillion, through transfer funds to the regions amounting to IDR 61.12 trillion. The lizard's physical strength from the Dipa fund, the transfer funds to the regions and big money village funds is certainly expected to be a stimulus in the development process in West Java Province.

    "The solution for the future as a vision of West Java is the Inner Birth Champion with Innovation and Collaboration, so that the budget allocation in the process (in 2019) we are trying to inject and provide a stimulus to reduce poverty, the Gini ratio also overcomes unemployment," Iwa said.

    "As happened in some regions, West Java Province is still faced with a number of problems, the first is that there is still an imbalance in income distribution which can be seen from the Gini ratio of West Java Province in March 2018 which increased to 0.407 compared to September 2017 (0.393), and of course the national gini ratio is overcome by 0.389, "Iwa added.

    Second, the workforce in West Java in August 2018 was recorded as 22.63 million people increased compared to August 2017, but it was not accompanied by an increase in the Labor Force Participation Rate (TPAK) which actually declined 0.42%.

    Third, the percentage of poor people in West Java in March 2018 was 7.45%, a decrease of 0.38% compared to September 2017, but the disparity in urban and rural poverty was quite high. The percentage of poor people in March 2018 in urban areas is 6.47% and rural areas are 10.25%.

    "Based on that, the implementation of the State Budget in West Java Province should give priority to overcoming these problems. The implementation of the State Budget must be directed at the basis of potential sectors that are able to provide added and sustainable value," concluded Iwa.

    With the theme "Economic Development and the State Budget to Support Equitable Development", it is expected that this seminar can be a means to normalize economic and physical policies more accurately, accurately and up to date. In addition, it is also intended to get input from the public in order to improve the quality of state expenditure to realize equitable development.

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