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    Starting Tomorrow, Students Are Recommended to Walk 100 Meters to School


    BANDUNG BARAT - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched the 'Ngabaso' or Ngabring ka Sakola program, at Mason Pine Padalarang hotel, which was attended by school children, teachers and volunteers at the children's forum on Thursday (11/22/18).

    With the 'Ngabaso' program, starting tomorrow, elementary to high school children are highly recommended to walk at least 50 to 100 meters before arriving at the school gate.

    "We require parents to take their children to school but not to the gate but there is a radius of 50 to 100 meters," said the Governor who is familiarly called Emil.

    In addition to getting children to walk to be healthier, according to Emil, 'Ngabaso' will increase social interaction between schoolmates, maintain tolerance and cohesiveness.

    "Hopefully this program will give birth to children who care more about others and have four main values," he said.

    The four main values ??that Emil refers to are having physical strength, intellectual intelligence, morals and spiritual values. These four values ??will be able to be translated into one of the character education programs, 'Ngabaso'.

    "West Java children are being conditioned to have four main values, namely physical strength, intelligence, morals and spiritual values," Emil said.

    Furthermore Emil said, in implementing this program if there were children who were accustomed to not being escorted by their parents or often using public transportation, it was recommended that they stop 100 meters before arriving at school. After that, the child must walk with his friends.

    "If the child is not escorted by the parent, the child is going up in a public vehicle, I ask to stop not in front of the school so he can walk first to hang out with his friend," he explained.

    In order for this program to run smoothly and be followed by all schools, Emil asked for the willingness of the children to take photos when the activity went to school which then uploaded it to social media.

    "Today is the digital age, so when children walk to school while hanging out in a photograph or video, there is excitement there, so finally a new culture is born in West Java that children are not spoiled and want to walk to school," he hoped.

    Emil also asked for commitment from the teachers and principals to succeed and oversee one of the leading programs.

    During the launch of 'Ngabaso', Emil, who was accompanied by Atalia Prarat, also opened the children's forum jamboree. The Jamboree with the theme of West Java Children is More Sensitive, Caring and a Solution Towards Children This champion, held from November 22-23, 2018 with participants of the board, facilitators and facilitators of the children's forum, as well as representatives of principals and students.

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