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    Ridwan Kamil Conveyed the West Java Budget Policy Planning for FY 2019


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil conveyed the direction of the 2019 budget policy consisting of income, expenditure and financing policies, in front of board members at a plenary meeting at the West Java DPRD office on Wednesday (11/21/18).

    He said, the estimated regional income in 2019 was more than Rp. 34.882 trillion. There was an increase of Rp 2.921 Trillion more or up 9.14% compared to the target in the pure APBD 2018 of Rp 31,961 Trillion more. The regional income derived from Regional Original Revenue (PAD), which is estimated at Rp 19.765 Trillion, rose 12.40% compared to the target in the pure APBD 2018 of Rp 17.584 Trillion.

    The second source of income comes from the balancing fund which is estimated at Rp. 15,052 trillion, up 4.92% compared to the target in the pure APBD 2018 of Rp. 14,345 Trillion. Then from other legitimate revenues it was estimated at Rp. 64,623 billion, up 107.67% compared to the target in the pure 2018 APBD of Rp. 31,118 billion.

    "For regional expenditure in the year 2019 the budget is estimated at Rp 37.055 Trillion, an increase of Rp 3.094 Trillion or an increase of 9.11 percent compared to the pure APBD 2018 of Rp 33.961 Trillion," said the Governor who was familiarly called Emil.

    Emil further said, the regional expenditure policy in the budget year 2019 will be focused on 8 development priority programs, namely;

    1. Reducing poverty and unemployment.
    2. Utilizing natural capital to strengthen food security and encourage sustainable agriculture business.
    3. Increasing economic added value through the development of industry and tourism.
    4. Increased interconnection of centers of growth and infrastructure.
    5. Increased access to and quality of 12-year compulsory education, pilot health and basic housing / settlement services.
    6. Increasing the quality of the environment and controlling the use of space.
    7. Increasing community social capital to increase competitiveness.
    8. Strengthening reforms and bureaucracy.

    "This regional expenditure in 2019 is pursued by regulating accountable, proportional, efficient and effective spending patterns," Emil explained.

    Whereas for financing in the 2019 APBD, there is more remaining calculation of the previous year's regional budget or Silpa of Rp. 2.25 trillion. The West Java Provincial Government also provided capital participation of IDR 76.8 billion to BJB Bank.

    Emil hopes that the 2019 budget draft will be determined by the DPRD in the not too distant future.

    "Hopefully what we are working on is done with a predetermined schedule," he said.

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