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    West Java Head of Manpower and Transmigration Announces 2019 MSE in West Java


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor M Ridwan Kamil through the West Java Provincial Office of Manpower and Transmigration announced the amount of West Java Province's district / city (UMK) wage in 2019 through the West Java program to Have Information (Japri), at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (21 / 09).
    "This 2019 stipulation of MSEs is stated in the West Java Governor Decree number 561 / kep1220-yanbangsos / 2008 concerning the City Regency Minimum Wage in the West Java province in 2019," said Head of the Manpower and Transmigration Office Ferry Sofwan Arief.
    The UMK of West Java Province in 2019 was the highest occupied by Karawang Regency, which was Rp. 4,234,010.27 and the lowest was occupied by the City of Banjar in the amount of Rp 1,688,217.52.
    In addition, continued Ferry, for this year, the MSE of Pangandaran Regency has increased by 10 percent compared to the previous year.
    "So this is a discretion based on conditions and situations which in the West Java Provincial Government's view, in this case Pangandaran will be a place for new economic growth in the future, of course there must be an appeal for more professional workers who are more competent," he said.
    It also classifies the district / city minimum wage into three groups, such as districts / cities where the position of wages is at the position of four million rupiah, namely three regions of Karawang Regency, Bekasi City, Bekasi Regency.
    Second, regencies / cities where the position of wages is in the amount of three million rupiahs in five regencies / cities, third, regencies / cities where the wage position is estimated at two million rupiah, there are 13 districts / cities and finally city districts where the wages are under two million rupiahs district / city.
    The following is the amount of the City Regency Minimum Wage in the area of ??West Java Province in 2019
    1. Karawang Regency Rp. 4,234,010.27
    2. City of Bekasi Rp. 4,229,756.61
    3. Bekasi Regency Rp. 4,146,126.18
    4. Depok City Rp. 3,872,551.72
    5. Bogor City Rp. 3,842,785.54
    6. Bogor Regency Rp. 3,763,405.88
    7. Purwakarta Regency Rp. 3,722,299.94
    8. Bandung City Rp. 3,339,580.61
    9. West Bandung Regency Rp. 2,898,744.63
    10. Sumedang Regency Rp. 2,893,074.72
    11. Regency of Bandung Rp. 2,893,074, 71
    12. Cimahi City Rp. 2,893,074.71
    13. Sukabumi Regency Rp. 2,791,016.23
    14. Subang Regency Rp. 2,732,899.70
    15. Cianjur Regency Rp. 2,336,004.97
    16. Sukabumi City Rp. 2,331,752.50
    17. Indramayu Regency for Rp.2,117,713.61
    18. City of Tasikmalaya Rp. 2,086,529.61
    19. Tasikmalaya Regency Rp. 2,075,189.31
    20. Cirebon City Rp. 2,045,422.24
    21. Cirebon Regency Rp. 2,024,160.07
    22. Garut Regency Rp. 1,807,285.69
    23. Majalengka Regency Rp. 1,791,693.26
    24. Kuningan Regency Rp. 1,734,994.34
    25. Ciamis Regency Rp. 1,733,162.42
    26. Pangandaran Regency Rp. 1,714,673.33
    27. Banjar City Rp. 1,688,217.52

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