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    Pupuk Kujang Committed to Keep Food Security in West Java


    BANDUNG-One of the largest fertiliser manufacturer company in Indonesia, PT. Pupuk Kujang gave a commitment in maintaining national food security, especially in West Java. West Java as one of the national granary should receive the adequate fertiliser supply in order to continue producing food.

    After attending a meeting with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at Gedung Sate on Friday (11/03/16), President Director of PT. Pupuk Kujang Nugraha Eka Budi Irianto express his commitment to continue support of food security, particularly in West Java.

    "We express a commitment to the Government of West Java, that PT. Pupuk Kujang has a commitment to continue support of food security, especially in West Java," said Nugraha.

    Furthermore Nugraha explained, in addition to produce Urea and NPK, it also continue to develop other fertiliser products, such as micronutrein fertiliser. According to Nugraha, in the future the farmers will more require that such of fertiliser type.

    During the meeting, Governor Ahmad Heryawan advised that PT. Pupuk Kujang continue to develop and improve the quality of the organic fertiliser as well as constantly innovating to develop other types of fertilisers.

    The governor also asked to PT. Pupuk Kujang in order to develop organic crops, such as organic rice.

    In 2015, PT. Pupuk Kujang has been producing Urea fertiliser as many as 900,000 tons and NPK 150,000 tons. The 900,000 tons of Urea fertiliser produced was distributed to fulfil the need of fertiliser in West Java, while the NPK fertiliser was distributed to West Java as many as 50,000-60,000 ton



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