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    West Java SOEs Forum is Officially Formed


    BANDUNG-Forum of West Java State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) was officially formed. The forum initiated by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil consists of 30 state-owned companies with head offices and projects in West Java.

    The agreement to form a forum for West Java BUMN was held at the Papandayan Gedung Sate Meeting Room on Wednesday (11/21/2018), and was led by Governor Ridwan Kamil together with BUMN Directors such as Pertamina, PTPN VIII, BNI, PTPN III, Telkom, Bulog, Biofarma, Peruri, Pelindo, Adhi Karya, Indah Karya, Pindad, Bank Mandiri, Len, Inti, KAI and Wijaya Karya. Also witnessed by special staff was the Minister of BUMN and Deputy of Agro and Pharmacy in the Ministry of BUMN Wahyu Kuncoro as the coordinator. The West Java BUMN Forum which was first established in Indonesia and chaired by the Director of PT Telkom has agreed to synergize and support the West Java Provincial Government development program as contained in the West Java champion's vision and mission.

    "Officially today we set up the West Java BUMN forum, this is the result of my lobbying to the Minister of SOEs so that all state-owned companies headquartered in West Java in particular and all BUMNs in West Java have united in this forum, while 30 have BUMNs, "said the Governor who was familiarly called Emil.

    Emil revealed, now it has entered the era of dynamic bureaucracy where the goal of development is achieved but not only done by bureaucrats.

    "If everything is done by the government through the APBD, then the development will be achieved in only 10 percent," he said.

    This West Java BUMN Forum also according to him is in accordance with Pentahelix collaboration theory, namely ABCGM (Academic, Business, Community, Government, Media).

    "This is called the construct theory, not necessarily with the APBD but with this pentahelix theory," Emil said.

    Furthermore, after the West Java BUMN forum was formed, the West Java Provincial Government will offer a number of programs such as the One Village One Company program to the forum to then agree on who the BUMN will be involved.

    "Suppose we have 100 programs and then which state-owned enterprises are offered to take. For example yesterday, one village program in one hafiz was taken by BNI Syariah," explained Emil.

    The West Java BUMN Forum, he said, would effectively streamline state-owned CSR funds and for the regional government the development program would be fully achieved.

    "This potential can be extraordinary if we are compact, we equate the vision and mission Insya Allah Jabar can succeed," said Emil.

    Deputy Minister of Agro and Pharmacy at the BUMN Ministry Wahyu Kuncoro said that his party strongly supports the formation of the West Java BUMN forum and is ready to collaborate in building West Java.

    "I think this is extraordinary and we will report to the Minister of BUMN. The Governor is very concerned, we must help support," Wahyu said.

    With the forum, according to him, BUMN programs will be more directed.

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