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    The 11th West Java KPID Award 2018


    BANDUNG - The Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of West Java once again expressed its appreciation to the work of broadcasting people who excelled in presenting broadcast programs, both in television and radio broadcasting institutions in the 1st l West Java KPID activities in 2018.

    Chairman of the West Java KPID, Dedeh Fardiah said, this year's Jabar KPID Award has the theme: West Java Broadcasting Building the Nation which implies among the hustle and bustle of the number of broadcasters in West Java which amounts to 446, but all commitments to encourage this beloved Indonesia advanced.

    "By continually spurring mutual achievement through increasingly informative, educative broadcast content, healthy entertainment as well as control and social adhesiveness like a glowing pearl of noble value," said Dedeh, told reporters at the West Java KPID Office, Malabar Street No.62 Bandung, Wednesday (11/21)

    According to Dedeh, in the 2018 West Java KPID Award, he gave awards to the best works broadcast on local radio, local television, community radio, and SSJ broadcasting stations in l3 categories.

    "The 13 categories are divided into SSJ television in two categories: Local Content Programs (Arts and Local Culture) in the form of Feature or Documentary and Talkshow Programs, on local television: news broadcasts, feature and documentaries, talk shows and children's programs, on local radio categories: news broadcasts, tallshow, entertainment (local arts and culture), public service advertisements and children's programs as well as community radio in the public service advertisement category (ILM), "he explained.

    At the II Jabar Award KPID, which is planned to be attended by West Java Governor Ridwan and Chairman of the West Java DPRD, West Java KPID also continues to give awards to radio and television figures who contributed to the development of broadcasting in West Java 2018 Lifetime Achiefmenl Award .

    The highlight of the II Jabar Award KPID awarding ceremony will be held on Friday (11/23) at El-Royal Hotel Jalan Merdeka Bandung starting at 19:00 by presenting a number of famous artists, both national and local artists, including: Ega D'akademi, Sara Fajita, Neo D'bodor (Kusye & Benny Syafaat), Kang Ubed (Persian Persian), Fanny Sabila, Gege Gumilar Orchestra, BSV Choir, Lises SMAN 5 Bandung, Rampak Bambu, Hastina Pura and West Java Voice KPID. (Parno)

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