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    West Java Permanent Voters List Immediately Determined


    BANDUNG - The Permanent Voters List (DPT) for the 2018 Presidential Election and Pileg in the West Java region still requires continued synchronization, but can be immediately determined in the near future.

    Chairman of the West Java KPU Rifki Ali Mubarok said that currently the West Java KPU is carrying out repairs on the second phase (HP2) of the DPT and is estimated to be determined this December.

    He said, the initial DPT in West Java was recorded at more than 32,600,000 people, which was set at 30 August 2018. The DPT then received a refinance by setting the number to reach 32,400,000 or experiencing a decline.

    "Now the second revision phase is back, because there is data input from the Ministry of Home Affairs. But after our DPT selection will be around 32,900,000, "he said, interrupted by the morning cofee with the theme of Improving West Java DPT, Ensuring Citizens' Right to Choose, Successful 2019 Election at Skyline View Dago Pakar, Wednesday (21/11).

    He said the data adjustment was carried out by the KPU with Bawaslu, the Department of Education and also reports from the public, which would then be included in the voter data information system or Sidalih.

    "Those who have 100 percent entered the data in Sidalih, there are 22 regions, with 97 percent left. So we are optimistic that this will be completed quickly these weeks, "he explained.

    With the addition of DPT around 500 thousands, then there should be an increase in the number of polling stations in the West Java region. jo

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