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    The Governor will Find Solutions for Wages 2019


    BANDUNG - Hundreds of laborers held a demonstration in front of Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (18/11). Labor managed to meet the Governor of West Java and got an appointment to deliver his aspirations to the center.

    In aksihya, workers consider that PP 78/2015 removes the role of trade unions and wage councils in fighting for the rights and interests of workers. Another matter is that workers also consider PP 78/2015 concerning the payment of their enthusiasm not in line with Pancasila and contrary to the 1945 Constitution and labor law number 13 of 2003.

    They reject the 8% increase but consider 2019 MSE stipulation based on Law 13/2003 article 88 paragraph (4), and 2019 UMK increase by 20% from 2018 MSE.

    "I accept the aspirations, I will look for data and input for the past two days. So wait for the 21st to be decided. Hopefully this decision still calculates a sense of justice and procedures," he said Governor Ridwan Kamil, in Gedung Sate.

    But according to him wages in West Java are already in the yellow light. Because many factories have moved to Central Java because they feel that wages are too high and there are frequent demonstrations.

    "The information about labor-intensive factories or textiles in Purwakarta from 17 factories has moved to Central Java. Bekasi has moved all of 18, Bogor has moved from 50 to 19. This cannot be allowed," he said.

    So according to Emil, a way out or a middle road that benefits both parties must be sought, not to let many factories move.

    "I will consult with the ministry, hopefully prosperity for all," he said. Jo

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