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    13 Regencies in West Java Have High Stunting Case


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java asked the PKK Driving Team of the Province of West Java to be able to disseminate the OMABA (Toddler Food Ojek) program to all areas in West Java that function to send nutritious food to poorly nourished children.

    "We entrusted to Atalia (Chairperson of the TP PKK) West Java, the OMABA program must be disseminated throughout West Java, we invest in the motorbike to send nutritious foods for emergencies, extreme malnutrition," said the Governor, at the Provincial Stunting Prevention event West Java, at Gasibu Field, Bandung, Sunday (18/11).

    Based on data from the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN), in West Java alone there were 29.9% or 2.7 million children under five affected by stunting. According to the Governor, there are 13 districts in West Java that will be intervened by the stunting program to be more maximal. Thirteen regions with the most sufferers in West Java mentioned by Emil, including Garut Regency (43.2%), Sukabumi Regency (37.6%), Cianjur Regency (35.7%), Tasikmalaya Regency (33.3%) , West Bandung Regency (34.2%), Bogor Regency (28.29%), Bandung Regency (40.7%), Kuningan Regency (42%), Cirebon Regency (42.47%), Sumedang Regency (41, 08%), Indramayu Regency (36.12%), Subang Regency (40.47%), and Karawang Regency (34.87%).

    "Garut is the highest stunting area in West Java, so that means if we work focus on the most needy, meaning because of stunting in 43% Garut, then the attention of the first two years is exaggerated for Garut regency. given twice, one and a half times as much, do not generalize, I have calculated this cryptic management does not resolve the acceleration, "he said.

    The governor stated that the acceleration of the reduction in stunting could begin with education by nutritionists through simple counseling but could become a science for the community, then by providing nutritional supplements and nutritional surveillance.

    "Stunting looks at the age of 2 years, so if the content of malnutrition will have an impact on children, maximize the process of education in media that is easily reached in villages through television and radio," he said. (Parno)

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