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    Ridwan Kamil Request a Message for Milenials in West Java


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil filled the lecture on "Milenials Day", which was held at the Pakuan State Building, Home of the Governor of West Java, on Sunday (11/18/18).

    In this discussion forum on West Java milenials with the theme #energimilenials, the most recent issues were discussed which questioned youth optimism, future designs, social media issues, hoaxes, and how a millennial stance faced everything in Islamic ways.

    West Java youth leaders and groups / organizations such as Yana Umar (Commander in Chief Bobotoh), XTC Hijrah, Brigez Road to Jannah, Moonraker, and GBR Fisabilillah were present. There is also an Islamic talk show (I-talkshow) by Ustad Budi Prayitno, Ustad Sinyo, and Ustad Edwin Khadafi.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil advised millennials, according to him, millennials must have three values, namely faith, knowledge and character.

    "Have these three values. I believe that you have these three values. Don't just one, not just two, you have three," said Emil, the Governor's nickname.

    Millennials, must have faith, because Indonesia itself is a religious nation. The One Godhead has been mentioned in the first principle of Pancasila.

    "All must have faith, diligently go to the mosque, diligently go to places of worship," Emil said.

    Second, millennials must have knowledge, and continue to develop skills, or "skills". According to Emil, with the knowledge and expertise possessed, Milenials has competitiveness. With the knowledge as well, the generation of milenials can counteract hoaxes, and to a wider extent, with knowledge, in the future milenials will be a generation that is not easily "fooled."

    Furthermore, the third value is moral. After having faith and knowledge, millennials must be moral.

    "Many are smart but evil, many are smart but julid, many are smart but inconsiderate, be people who are morals, good manners, speak well or are silent," Emil said.

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