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    Governor Invites People to Prevent Stunting


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Mochamad Ridwan Kamil invites all people to begin to prevent stunting as a result of poor nutrition and poor sanitation conditions.

    "From today onwards we must begin to prevent the name of malnutrition, which is called stunting or failure, the brain becomes weak due to malnutrition, because of poor sanitation," he said.

    According to the Governor, the average occurrence of stunting is under the age of 5 years, so parents who have children under five must maintain their nutritional intake because at that age it is a critical age.

    "After the kindergarten and elementary school want to be treated, it will be difficult, so it is a good investment for good nutrition for our toddlers," said the Governor at the Stunting Prevention at West Java Province, Gasibu Square, Bandung, Sunday (11/18) .

    According to the Governor, West Java has improved at the time of Ahmad Heryawan's leadership and will continue to be maintained, where the HDI in 2013 is only 68 percent now, 70.8 percent. This means that the education index is getting better, the health index is getting better, the purchasing power index is also getting better.

    "What we have to fight is that in 2017 the presentation of toddlers who failed to grow caused a 29.2% weak brain and this is too high," he said.

    The governor also asked the West Java Regional Secretary to improve good nutritional intake for parents who have children under five years old (Toddler).

    "I entrusted Pa Iwa, village funds. Please make sure the operational guidelines provide a portion to provide good nutrition to mothers in the village, especially those with toddlers, cooking with organic vegetables, giving milk eggs and so on must be an obligation," he said.

    The governor stated, the stunting problem is not just a matter of budget availability but rather about how to manage management in overcoming it.

    "So this problem is not money, the problem is leadership, management and a way, so I entrusted my orders on this stage, on this historical day we are heading towards zero stunting. We will invest a billion billion in village funds for the human resources of children. our toddler, "he explained. (Parno)

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