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    West Java Commemorates World Angklung Day


    BANDUNG - Thousands of students from kindergarten to high school together play angklung on the front page of Gedung Sate Jl. Diponegoro City of Bandung, Sunday (11/18/2018). This was done in commemoration of the 9th Angklung Day in the World. The event which was held in collaboration between the West Java Provincial Government and Kabumi UPI was attended by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and his wife Atalia Praratya Kamil.

    "I have lobbied Mr. President and Mr. Vice President so that in the offices of all our ambassadors throughout the world are required to hold a set of angklung musical instruments, and he agrees," Kang Emil said in his speech.

    The effort was made so that angklung remained known throughout the world after it was designated as an intangible world heritage by the UN 16 November 2010.

    "In addition, I have also asked all municipal governments in West Java to build cultural centers in which angklung must be present," he said.

    Responding to the difficulty in finding bamboo raw material for making angklung, Kang Emil said that he would use the provincial government's sleeping land to plant bamboo specifically for making angklung.

    "A lot of vacant land is unemployed, we will later use it for bamboo plantations, of various types including the types used to make angklung," Emil stressed.

    The moment of the angklung game at Gedung Sate in commemoration of the world angklung day was also included in the RHR world record as the angklung game by the most music groups. (Even)

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