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    Three Tourism Applications Presents the Ease of Community Who Wants to Travel in West Java


    BANDUNG-For those of you who want to get rid of fatigue after a busy activity, now there is an easy way to know where you will go to tourism or just spend your free time on weekends.

    The West Java Provincial Government through one of its BUMDs, PT Jaswita Jabar presents an application in the form of a tourism service marketplace in West Java, Gurilaps.com. In addition, the Office of Tourism and Culture of West Java also came up with an innovation in the form of a tourism information website, Wonderfulwestjava.com.

    The difference, the Gurilaps application will provide convenience to tourists in choosing tour packages through excellence in the form of ease of reservation, availability of tour packages, best prices, as well as comfort and safety when traveling, because accompanied by tour guides or experienced tour companions. All tour packages offered by Gurilaps have also been curated by the Wanadri Cooperative and also protected by insurance from Jasa Raharja Putera.

    As the name implies, Gurilaps (Mountain, Air, Jungle, Sea, Beach and River) comes as "West Java Tourism Gate" which invites tourists to explore West Java's natural wealth with your friends or family.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil launched three innovations at the West Java Provincial Government at the Gedung Sate Festival in Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung City, Saturday (11/17/18).

    "Well, if Gurilaps is an application from BUMD, PT Jaswita Jabar can book tourism whose name is adventure," he said

    "With this application, the entry has been curated and then booked, because the digital age is now easier for us," he said.

    This application can be downloaded on Android or IOS based phones. As the name implies after logging in, which can be done via Facebook or Google, users can explore a variety of choices on mountain, air, jungle, sea, beach and river tours. There are various choices of tour packages to choose from. For example, the tour package "Reveals the Mystery of the Pandora Box" in Sukabumi at a price of Rp. 215,000 / pax for one day in mountain roaming.

    Tourists can also choose the warm rafting package in Pangalengan at a price of Rp. 375,000 per person for two days and one night. As a tourism marketplace, there are also various other tour packages at Gurilaps that can be adjusted to the wishes of tourists.

    While Wonderfulwestjava.com presents all complete information about tourist destinations on Bumi Parahyangan. So that wargi is not confused looking for cool tourist spots, new destinations, and the present. Through this website, the public was also asked to proactively distribute tourist attractions that were not yet publicly known.

    "We want to make West Java the best province. The best definition is not only that we will create destinations that number 25 for five years, we also ask the public to proactively upload anything that may be in their villages that we don't know, to a new website it's called Wonderfulwestjava.com, "said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname.

    "So, residents of West Java, please upload a place or activity, later curated by the West Java Tourism Office, if it passes, then go to the website," he continued.


    In addition to the two innovations above, on this occasion Emil also launched an application dedicated to you fishing and fishing enthusiasts, namely Smartfishing.com. Pariwsiata's aspect is of course not separated from the purpose of developing the application of the work of the West Java Province Marine and Fisheries Service.

    "Starting this week, we spread applications on Android phones for fishermen to find fish using satellite technology," Emil explained.

    "This satellite has a hot scan power or how, so you can see where the fish are gathering," he explained.

    It is hoped that through this application the West Java fishing community will be helped and can become the most sophisticated fishermen.

    "The hope is that if our fishermen become more sophisticated, they can go without thinking about where to take fish but helped by an application called smartfishing," Emil said.

    Through these various innovations, Emil said that it would be easier for people to be happy and be part of the development of West Java as a digital province in Indonesia. The development of various sophisticated innovations is also part of the work program of 100 West Java Governor 2018-2023.

    "So, a combination of Wonderfulwestjava.com, Gurilaps.com, and Smartfishing.com. This is the vision of digital tourism combined in our 100-day concept," he said.

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