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    Secretary Iwa Opens West Java 2018 Entrepreneurial Party


    CIMAHI - Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa opened the West Java Entrepreneurship Party 2018 which was initiated by Komunitas Tangan Di Atas (TDA), in collaboration with the Cimahi City Government in Cimahi Techno Park Jl. Baros No. 78 Cimahi Selatan, Saturday (11/17/18).

    He says our future is a digital economy. So as an entrepreneur must be able to change the conventional paradigm into digital on the business system. So that digitalization of the business world is expected to have economic equality.

    "The digital economy is part of revolution 4.0. "Inevitably, we like to or not like to live and do," he said.

    In this digital era, the size of the company is not a guarantee to remain competitive. "But foresight, agility, speed, creativity and innovation in detecting and anticipating any changes that have become the key," he said.

    On the other hand, Iwa said, the creative economy sector needs to be encouraged. Because the economy developed from creative economic activities, especially those using digital platforms will be the driving force of business activities in the future.

    Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government believes and is determined that the creative economy will be superior to West Java. So that the seriousness and focus of West Java on the creative economy is reflected in the issuance of West Java Provincial Regulation Number 15 of 2017, concerning the development of the creative economy. And West Java Provincial Regulation Number 10 of 2018 concerning the management of intellectual property.

    Finally Iwa hopes that with events like this, business people can add partnerships, open market opportunities and become a place to add insight and readiness to face digital business competition.

    In addition, Mayor Cimahi Ajay Muhammad appreciates the 2018 West Java Entrepreneurial Party. According to him, when he wants to start a business, his main capital is not money, but friendship and extensive networking through the community, so that he can open bigger business opportunities.

    "Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, they must have dreams that are realized through hard work and honesty," Ajay said.

    Representative of the TDA Board of Trustees, Hernawan Adi, said that Tangan Di Atas (TDA) is a unique community. Because not only about raising business and increasing turnover, but how this container is able to contribute and benefit the community.

    TDA was built since 1996 which has grown in 92 regencies / cities in 15 provinces throughout Indonesia. For West Java it is divided into two regions, West Java 1 and West Java 2.

    About 80 tenants participated in this event. Most entrepreneurs come from the City of Cimahi, as many as 50 tenants. This event will be held for 2 days starting November 17-18 2018.

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