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    PT DI Handed over Helicopters to Basarnas


    BANDUNG-PTDI once again received an order of 2 (two) units of Medium Intermediate AS365 N3 + Dauphin helicopters from the National Search and Relief Agency (Basarnas).

    PT DI PR said that the contract of 2 (two) AS365 N3 + Dauphin Medium Intermediate Helicopters was signed by PTDI's Commercial Director, Irzal Rinaldi and Basarnas Commitment Making Officer (PPK 04), First Air Force Marshal Hanafi, who was also witnessed by the Head of Basarnas TNI M. Syaugi, at the Basarnas Head Office, Jl. Angkasa No.2-3, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat.

    This procurement contract is the third time PTDI has obtained it from Basarnas. Previously, PTDI had successfully delivered 4 (four) AS365 N3 + Dauphin SAR Medium Class Helicopters, with details of 2 (two) Helicopter units delivered on February 18, 2014 and 2 (two) Helicopter units delivered on November 15, 2016.

    AS365 N3 + Dauphin Medium Intermediate Helicopter is a medium-sized helicopter that complies with SAR and Coast Guard standards. This helicopter is equipped with a Hoist to pull / evacuate the victim on the right side of the door.

    The helicopter is also equipped with a weather radar, and is equipped with a Forward Looking Infrared Camera (FLIR) to support operations in all fields and conditions. AS365 N3 + Dauphin Intermediate Medium Helicopter is a product of industrial collaboration between PTDI and Airbus Helicopters, France.

    With the signing of the contract to procure AS365 N3 + Dauphin Medium Intermediate Helicopters, it proves the seriousness of Basarnas to support the progress of the domestic aerospace industry and the seriousness of PTDI to help fulfill the basic tasks and functions of Basarnas to support search and rescue operations.

    "We are very happy in partnering with PTDI, BUMN, also having a country. If it's not us who support, who else. Hopefully this cooperation, God willing, will continue and improve. And hopefully with the procurement of helicopters, the speed of the tasks given by the state to us in the context of search and rescue operations will be beneficial and better and PTDI will be able to progress. In order for PTDI to be able to carry out and submit the two helicopters in accordance with the provisions in the Contract, "said the Head of Basarnas, Air Force Marshal M. Syugi. Jo

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