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    Emil Submits Tasik Case to the Legal


    BANDUNG — The corruption case of the Tasikmalaya Regency Government grants began to produce suspects. The West Java Regional Police officially appointed 9 suspects, one of which was Secretary of Tasikmalaya Abdul Kodir.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil [Emil] said that in the case of the grant, he handed over the legal process to the West Java Regional Police. "I can't comment further. We just follow the law enforcement steps. We respect the legal process that has taken place, "he said in the West Java DPRD, Bandung, Friday (11/16/2018).

    When asked about the appointment of successor to Regional Secretary Abdul Kodir, Emil ensured his party would follow the existing rules. "There must be a process everywhere, especially to the Ministry of Home Affairs, if it turns out that the rules are not yet possible, we will definitely process it," he said.

    The West Java Regional Police has set 9 suspects in a case which caused a loss of Rp. 3.9 billion. The nine people were Secretary of Tasikmalaya District, Abdul Kodir, Tasikmalaya Regency Government officials consisting of the Head of the Public Welfare Section, Setda Maman Jamaludin.

    In addition there is the Secretary of DPKAD Ade Ruswandi, Inspectorate of Tasikmalaya District Endin, then two PNS in the Public Welfare Section of the Regency Government named Alam Rahadian Muharam and Eka Ariansyah, two civilians Lia Sri Mulyani and Mulyana, and a farmer Setiawan.

    The case began in 2017 when the Tasikmalaya District Government budgeted a grant with the name of a community organization grants shopping activity. The funds are sourced from the Tasikmalaya Regency Regional Budget in the fiscal year 2017. (Also)

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