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    National Police Chief Praises Innovation of the West Java Provincial Government and Bank BJB


    BANDUNG-Bank bjb together with 23 Regional Development Banks (BPD), 4 BUMN Banks, and 3 Private Banks signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Republic of Indonesia National Police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, PT. Jasa Raharja (Persero) and 23 Provinces on Sumatra Island, Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and Kalimantan regarding "National Samsat Online (e-Samsat) Service".

    "The Memorandum of Understanding of the National e-Samsat that we signed today includes the service of Motor Vehicle Tax Payments and Annual Road Accident Funding Donations," explained Bank Director BJB Ahmad Irfan, after together with dozens of other bank directors and representatives of the provincial government signed the manuscript of the National Online e-Samsat MoU, in Kuta, Bali, through Bank Bjb Public Relations press release, Thursday (11/15).

    National Police Chief General Pol. Tito Karnavian also attended witnessing the signing of the MoU manuscript. In his remarks, the National Police Chief specifically expressed his appreciation to the West Java provincial government, pioneering the innovation of service payments for motorized vehicles along with bank bjb through banking products.

    "I express my gratitude to the government of West Java and Bank BJB for helping the National Police in an effort to increase revenue from motorized vehicle tax revenues through the development of innovations in e-samsat and other samsat services including one of them is Samsat," said National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian, in his remarks at the same event.

    For the appreciation of the Chief of Police, Ahmad Irfan expressed his gratitude for the support of the National Police for Samsat's product innovation which was continuously developed by the team of Jamsat Samsat along with Bank BJB.

    "Together with the Indonesian National Police, the West Java Samsat Advisory Team consisting of the West Java Provincial Government, PT Jasa Raharja and the Jabar regional police as coordinators, we as a bank are perceptions that regional revenue management has been able to collaborate well to realize samsat service innovations, including samsat," Ahmad explained Irfan.

    In another part, Ahmad Irfan said, the advantage of implementing this national online samsat is that it will provide convenience to taxpayers who have vehicles registered in the West Java region, can make payments in all office networks or electronic networks of banks that have cooperated.

    "The taxpayers can still pay their vehicle tax through a network of banks that have participated in cooperation in the National e-Samsat. Likewise, bank bjb customers who have registered vehicles outside West Java can also make their tax payments through bank bjb channels (atm, sms banking and bjb net), "he explained.

    Also signing the MoU draft was the National Samsat Trustees consisting of the National Police Headquarters, the Ministry of Home Affairs Director General of BKD, and the Managing Director of PT Jasa Raharja (Persero).

    On the same occasion, Ahmad Irfan explained, participating in the bank bjb serving the National Online Samsat Payment was not without reason. Because so far the bjb bank itself is a regional development bank that is always actively innovating to improve services for the community. The innovation was shown by the bank with the BJBR issuer code through the ease of payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes since 2014 with products from Jabar e-samsat and t-samsat.

    So far, he continued, the bank bjb has been developing the system and cooperating with relevant parties for the implementation of this National e-Samsat.

    In addition to this National e-Samsat Online, as a perception bank in terms of managing tax revenue from provincial governments and district / city governments and the central government, bank bjb has developed tax payment services through bjb etax. This is an online tax payment service through the office network and bank bjb e-channel as well as third party networks such as Indomart, Alfamart, Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB), and fintech.

    For the bank bjb itself, according to him, can also enjoy the benefits of increasing fee-based income and expanding services for customers.

    "For this reason, we express our deepest gratitude to the Government for its trust so far to synergize with bank bjb with the spirit of jointly building the nation," he concluded.

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