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    Gedung Sate Festival 2018 Enlivens This Weekend


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government through the Office of Tourism and Culture enlivened the 73rd anniversary of West Java. West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa opened the people's party at the 2018 Sate Festival Building on the front page of Gedung Sate Bandung on Friday (11/16/2018).

    Raising the theme 'South West Java', Regional Secretary Iwa said the festival was also a venue for new tourism promotions in the southern West Java area. He revealed that the visit of local tourists to West Java had reached the target of 58 million tourists. But the target of foreign tourists has not reached the target of 1.7 million tourists. For this reason, Gedung Sate Festival raises the theme of South West Java to introduce new tourism there.

    "Alhamdulillah based on the report, it turns out that tourist visits to the archipelago to West Java are targeted to be the largest in Indonesia, around 58 million, until now it has been achieved," said Iwa when he opened the event.

    "What is still small (the number of visits) is foreign tourists. Now, this momentum that is the goal of the Gedung Sate Festival is carried out with various components, "he continued.

    Secretary Iwa added, the achievement of the target of foreign tourist visits to West Java has not been affected by the infrastructure and access to tourist sites, revitalization of tourism objects, and promotions that still need to be improved. Iwa asserted, Gedung Sate Festival is one of the promotional steps taken.

    In line with Iwa, Head of the West Java Tourism and Culture Office Ida Hernida said the main target of the festival was as a series of West Java anniversary celebrations. According to him, the government should provide space for the public to express themselves, also provide space for creative industries to market their products.

    "This is a people's party, and we the government wants to provide space for the public to express, also provide opportunities for the community or UKM to promote what they produce," said Ida.

    It targets the Gedung Sate Festival to become a tourist destination this weekend. For this reason, Ida claimed to have coordinated with the Association of Indonesian Travel Companies (ASITA) and the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) to bring foreign tourists to this event.

    The Gedung Sate Festival will be held until Saturday 17 November 2018 tomorrow, and will be open to the public free of charge. Unmitigated, this festival is also enlivened by the appearance of national artists, such as Angsa & Serigala, The Milo, Java Jive, Ita Purnamasari, T-Five, and Via Vallen.

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