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    Governor Opens the Ambassador Golf Tournament


    SUMEDANG-In the rank program of Diplomatic Tour to West Java, the several ambassadors was following the golf tournament in 2016. The tournament was opened by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan on the golf field Bandung Giri Gahana in Jatinangor, Sumedang Regency on Saturday morning (12/03/16).

    This golf tournament was attended by 30 Ambassador participants from 27 countries and international organisations. After opening the golf tournament, Aher welcomed these tournament which can be attraction and promoting the beauty and natural of West Java.
    On this occasion, the Governor also briefly mentioned that golf is just the same with other sports, which is neutral and healthy.
    “Golf sports is neutral, healthy, and refreshing, and it depends on how we keep the situation to avoid negative things happened,” said the Governor.
    “Relating to the clothes of caddy golf, it should be more polite. Foreigner would not questioned of the cloths of caddy golf which has an eastern typical, because it’s differentiation between us and the foreigners,” said the Governor.
    Regarding to PON XIX/2016 in West Java, the governor revealed his specific expectation for Golf sports could grab gold as much as possible, so they can make a proud achievement for West Java in PON 2016.
    In addition, the governor wants the sports venues for Golf to immediately prepares, including Bandung Giri Gahana (BGG) which became the venue of Golf sports.
    "Firstly, we've set this BGG as golf venue for the 19th PON 2016. And secondly, we certainly hope BGG soon prepared to become an official tournament, especially for multi event like PON. It is in accordance with the provisions by the Association of Golf or KONI itself,” Aher says.




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