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    Fish Champion Festival, Secretary of Iwa Wants to Develop Cultivation of Fish on Land


    BANDUNG - Commemorating National Fish Day which falls on November 21, West Java Province Marine and Fisheries Service holds a Champion Festival, in the West Parking area of ??Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (11/16/18). Regional Secretary (Secretary) Prov. West Java Iwa Karniwa opens the event directly and is a series of 2018 Gedung Sate Festival.

    Secretary of Iwa said, the Champion Lauk Festival was one of the steps to socialize the movement to popularize fish eating, as well as a means of promoting processed fish products. He hopes that the Champion Lauk Festival will become an annual activity to increase consumption of fish in West Java.

    Secretary Iwa explained, data from the West Java Province's Office of Marine and Fisheries stated that Jabar fisheries production in 2017 amounted to 1,435,213.47 tons, consisting of 1,160,747.99 tons of aquaculture production and 274,465.48 tons of capture fisheries. So that West Java has enormous marine and fisheries resource potential.

    Unfortunately, this huge potential of resources cannot be utilized optimally. According to him, this is due to the existence of several problems, especially inadequate support for facilities and infrastructure, business patterns that are mostly still traditional, and limited capital capabilities.

    "From this data, we must increase fish cultivation on land, and one of the improvements is to continue to eat fish, as is now done," said Iwa.

    Secretary of Iwa expressed his idea, that the development of fish farming should be carried out using the plasma core method, where large companies as investors hand over the cultivation process to communities in selected areas. Thus, in addition to trimming the supply chain, this method also creates jobs in the area chosen by investors.

    "There is one disadvantage that we must improve in the future, that is the development in us should be plasma core. So there will be investors to invest in one of the fish farming locations, especially fish farming on land, which reaches community plasmas, so the supply chain can be relatively short, also the plasma community can get jobs, "explained Iwa.

    In this event also symbolically handed over the help of smartfishing tools, certificates of how to breed good fish and good methods of aquaculture, as well as awards to researchers of Gurame Galunggung Super hybridization.

    Secretary Iwa also handed over the Decree of the Indonesian Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on the Release of Galunggung Super Gurame Fish to the Head of the Maritime and Fisheries Service, which was then handed over to the Head of the Southern Region Marine and Fisheries Service Branch, as a development unit for Gurame Galunggung Super (Singaparna superior strain).

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