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    Meeting, Ridwan Kamil Invites Regent / Mayor to 'Experiment'


    BEKASI-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, chaired the Coordination Meeting on the Implementation of Public Administration, in the Framework of the Governor as the Central Government Representative (KOPDAR-GWPP) in Region II Purwakarta, West Java Province. The activity took place at the Bekasi Horison Hotel on Friday (11/16/18).

    According to Emil, this activity is a new way of coordinating, as well as synchronizing development between Provincial Governments, together with District / City Governments in West Java.

    "Alhamdulillah, today is a historic day, we begin a new process in relations between provinces and regions, namely the Governor down to hear the curhatan from the regions," said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    So, he continued, various problems between regions could become the attention of the Governor, to find a solution.

    Besides that, Emil, his nickname, also appealed to the Regent / Mayor to be able to implement the Governor's direction program to work on. Examples are the "Quick Response," Layad Rawat program, PSC 911, one village one product, and many other programs, as well as various programs related to the acceleration of urban development, which can be replicated with other successful regions, by observing, modifying, and do it.

    The Governor hopes that good coordination between the provincial government and the regions can produce a tremendous leap of change for the progress of West Java.

    Even as Governor Emil often said, he wanted bureaucrats from various levels of government, to start experimenting at the level of dynamic bureaucracy, or "Dynamic Government". With a dynamic bureaucracy, the dream of development is expected to accelerate quickly.

    "Because we are experimenting to start a dynamic bureaucracy, from rule bureaucracy, performance, and dynamic. Hopefully West Java can be a Champion with a pattern like this, of course this is what we hope for," he said.

    At this meeting, PP No. 33 of 2018 was also introduced regarding the Implementation of the Governor's Duties and Authorities as Deputy Central Government.

    Where according to this PP, the Governor as the representative of the Central Government has the task of coordinating the supervision and supervision of the implementation of co-administration tasks in the district / city area. Besides monitoring, evaluating, and supervising the implementation of district / city regional government in the region.

    The governor also has the obligation to empower and facilitate district / city areas in his area. As well as evaluating the draft regency / city regulations regarding regional long-term development plans, regional income and expenditure budgets, changes in regional income and expenditure budgets, accountability for the implementation of regional revenue and expenditure budgets, regional spatial planning, regional taxes, and regional levies.

    The Governor has the authority to supervise the regency / city regulations and carry out other duties in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

    As for carrying out their duties, according to this PP, the Governor as the representative of the Central Government has the authority to cancel the regency / city regulations, and give awards or sanctions to the Regent / Mayor in relation to the implementation of regional government.

    Regarding disputes in the implementation of government functions between regencies / cities in one province, the Governor may approve the draft regency / city regulations concerning the formation and arrangement of regency / municipal regions, and carry out other authorities in accordance with the provisions of legislation.

    In addition, according to this PP, the governor as the representative of the Central Government has the duty and authority including providing recommendations to the Central Government on proposals for special allocation funds in the regency / city area in its territory.

    Meanwhile, the Governor also has the authority to appoint the Regent / Mayor and appoint the heads of vertical agencies from ministries and non-ministerial government agencies assigned to the relevant province except for heads of vertical agencies that carry out absolute government affairs and heads of vertical agencies formed by the ministry whose nomenclature expressly stated in the 1945 Constitution.

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