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    Ridwan Kamil Invites Cirebon to Apply Dynamic Bureaucracy



    CIREBON-Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil (Emil) appealed to all District / City Regional Governments (Pemda) in West Java to implement dynamic bureaucracy including the Cirebon City Government (Pemkot).

    The Governor of West Java explained that there are three types of bureaucracy. The first is the rule bureaucracy that carries out duties according to the regulations that have been set.

    "Are people who are satisfied, dissatisfied not too cared for because the rules already exist," he told reporters after following the activities of Lauching Layad Rawat as well as inaugurating the Public Service Center (PSC) building in the city of Cirebon, Wednesday (11/14/2018)

    Furthermore, there are types of bureaucracy that are better but not the best, namely performance bureaucracy, meaning that those who have good performance are given awards while those who perform less are motivated or we sanction and so on.

    "Officials whose format is good we promote the riwuh and do not have integrity, they are behind," he said.

    The Governor of West Java assessed that the two bureaucracies had not yet entered the best category because they still considered that the development goals could be resolved by the bureaucracy. He said, there is the term dynamic bureaucracy (dynamic governance) that has development goals that can be achieved without having to be always by the bureaucracy. For example, completing a development program by getting assistance from other agencies such as universities or banks.

    "If the Cirebon city development goals can be entrusted to an institution, it can be deposited. So do not assume that all this development is prepared by the bureaucracy," he said.

    Emil pointed out in several developed countries such as Singapore and Australia that they have implemented dynamic bureaucracy. For this reason, the Governor of West Java entrusted the city of Cirebon to also implement dynamic bureaucracy.

    "Because there are 4 who can change this world, namely, government, business people, society and the mass media," he explained.

    The point is that the process of implementing development does not have to be resolved by the government but rather through the role of the institution.

    He added that all government work must be completed at the Kelurahan level. Furthermore, if it is unable, it will be completed at the next level. He said that all things that are good in West Java can be adopted into other regions, so they must be studied and duplicated.

    Emil pointed out that in the city of Bogor there are already female schools in which they are taught how to maintain household harmony. The existence of these schools, the level of divorce in the city of rain has decreased.

    "Because in Bogor the results are good, the women's schools in West Java will be launched," he concluded. (Even)

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