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    Training Mental Matches, 500 Fighter Enliven the West Java Silat Pencak Festival


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opens the 2018 West Java Pencak Silat Festival, which was held at the Asrilia hotel ballroom in Bandung on Wednesday (11/14/18). The festival, which was held until November 16, competed in a number of categories attended by 500 participants from 27 regencies and cities.

    Vice Governor of Uu said, in addition to being a venue for silaturahmi the silat festival was also an evaluation and assessment of the ability of teachers and martial arts groups to their students.

    "This is good for evaluating the extent to which the knowledge that has been given to their students today is contested," he said.

    The match is also for mental training to compete. According to Uu, no matter how strong the ability of a fighter without having to mentally compete strongly, the ability is usually not out during the championship.

    "By often competing like this, mental competing will be stronger, stronger and sometimes even abilities that are not possessed when competing will come out by itself," said Uu.

    In addition, this event is also a preparation and selection of martial arts athletes who will compete in XX 2020 PON Papua.

    "Just in the international arena, West Java is great for the fighters seen at the Asian Games yesterday, then in XX PON, it must be better," hoped Uu.

    As the organizer, Head of the Department of Youth and Sports of West Java Yudha Munajat Saputra revealed, the categories competed in the pencak silat festival this time were sons and daughters aged 9 - 12 years, male and female paired appearance categories aged 14-17 years and group appearance categories age 9 - 12 years old.

    "Even the interesting category is the appearance of individual male and female elders aged 50 years and over. These are our teachers, grandparents will perform as well," said Yudha.

    The purpose of the pencak silat festival is Yudha, to encourage, motivate and facilitate the West Java community, especially the younger generation, to get to know and preserve the martial arts as an Indonesian cultural heritage.

    While the chairman of the West Java Pencak Silat Association (IPSI), Phinera Wijaya, said that his party had formed a partnership with the West Java Provincial Government to build a pencak silat building. This building will not only become an international standard for training, fostering and developing pencak silat but will also become a new West Java tourist destination.

    "We, with the West Java Provincial Government, have planned to build a pencak silat building, please pray and support," said Phinera.

    Present at the opening of the festival were pencak silat elders who had been the president of the world pencak silat Eddie M Nalapraya. According to Eddie, West Java from the beginning until now is a warehouse for martial arts athletes. In the 2018 Asian Games event, many Indonesian medals were donated from Pencak Silat Sports from West Java.

    "These are the signs that Indonesian culture is well known abroad so West Java needs to conduct a study on how pencak silat can be developed specifically," Eddie said.

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