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    Emil: Cirebon will become a West Java Tourism Pilot


    CIREBON-Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil said the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java will grant various development projects within the next 5 years. One of them, making Cirebon region a model of tourism in West Java.

    The governor said that the Layad Rawat program began with November 2018. After that, starting next year he will renovate the Cirebon town square.
    "I have prepared the design of the construction," he told reporters after following the Lauching Layad Rawat activity and inaugurating the Public Service Center (PSC) building in Cirebon City on Wednesday (11/14/2018).

    Emil claimed that many locations in Cirebon had the potential to be renovated. But the location belongs to the West Java Provincial Government and Cirebon Kasepuhan so that in the future it will be arranged so that Cirebon has a new face.

    The governor said in the renovation of Cirebon Square, his side had prepared a budget of around Rp. 15 - Rp. 20 billion. "So next year hanging out in the square can be as cool as the square in the city of Bandung," he said.

    In addition, Cirebon will also be the best model for tourism. Because, the West Java region that is most ready to be polished to become a tourist destination is Cirebon.

    "We decided that the face of West Java is the most ready to be polished and produce tourism income, namely Cirebon. So I entrusted the next 5 years to focus on tourism, then the PAD will increase many times," he explained.

    Therefore, good infrastructure must be prepared, for example looking for road access to good tourist locations so that every city in West Java has a road like Asia-Africa in Bandung. In addition, hotels and restaurants are also developed, the Trusmi batik area includes Cirebon culinary potential.

    "So every city must have a mainstreet in order to increase the number of tourists," he said.

    Emil added that in the future there will also be a grant from the West Java Provincial Government, namely the renovation of two markets. According to him, the characteristic of a good market is if two middle and upper groups gather in that location.

    "If the middle to upper classes are still hanging out at the mall, it means that the market has not been successful or the term today is not Instagramable," he said.

    Furthermore, the West Java Provincial Government will provide flyover grants to the Cirebon City Government. It is hoped that the grant will become one of the solutions to solve congestion problems.

    "We will also provide cultural center grants so that there are locations where people can interact and celebrate their identities with the environment. So at the end of 5 years, the citizens are cultured, tourism increases and their health is excellent, and happiness is high. (Even)

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