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    Emil Will "Dress Up" Cirebon's Face


    CIREBON CITY - During his working visit, the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, visited a number of iconic locations in Cirebon City on Wednesday (11/14/18). Among them, the Governor visited the Cirebon City Prosecutor's Square, the State Building / Cirebon Bakorwil III West Java office, and a number of other locations in Cirebon City.

    From the review of Emil, his nickname, he planned the design of a public space that could be a city identity, by fulfilling aspects of comfort, safety, security, accessibility, and attractiveness, as public spaces or community gathering points.

    Emil further explained that the face of West Java in the future, He wanted to become a Tourism Province. West Java has mountains, beaches, lakes that can be processed into natural tourism.

    For urban areas, he added, it could be a historical tourism potential, shopping tourism, and culinary tourism.

    "If in Cirebon next year we agree to the Prosecutor's Square we will proceed. There will be a basement for parking needs, because religious tourism visits will increase," he said.

    Then, the Proclamation Monument in Cirebon City will be addressed so that it has more appeal. Then, Emil plans to fix the sidewalk zone in crowded spots in Cirebon City. After that, the Siliwangi road in Cirebon City will be arranged so that it can become the main road.

    "It's like if there is Jalan Asia Afrika in Bandung, so if there is a parade it can be held there," he said.

    Then the State Building / West Bakorwil III office, where as of January 2019 is no longer operating as a Bakorwil office, the building can be used for other needs.

    While in the context of tourism, Emil said, this building could be conceptualized as a cultural center.

    "So if tourists come to see dances like to see regional music angklung, you can come here," he said

    "It's very wide, so there can also be an expose building to show off crafts, exhibitions, bazaars, we can renovate, there can also be museums and restaurants," Emil said.

    The governor said that he would prepare around Rp. 15-20 billion to "dress up" the face of Cirebon City.

    "The combination of a cool square, a cultural place, a main road, is sure to increase the visit time longer. Now the lack of Cirebon is that we don't know where to hang out right? With Cipali, the airport, the number of hotels increases indicates access here. not addressed, people are bored, "explained Emil.

    Governor Emil revealed that a public space must be multifunctional. This means that it can be used for activities that are motoric and active, for ceremonies, ceremonies, concerts, there are also shady zones for activities "hanging out." Not to forget, there is a retail zone for public shopping facilities.

    "Of course, by maintaining the historical factor," he said.

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