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    Tourism, Ridwan Kamil's Leadership Points


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is determined that West Java in the next five years must be the best province in the digital world, by digitizing public services, education and trade that are still manual.

    "This is one of the answers because developed countries in the world have moved to leave the manual world towards the digital world, until the revolution 4.0 was born," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's address, when opening the West Java Province RPJMD Musrenbang 2018-2023 in The Trans Grand Ballroom Luxury Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (11/13/18).

    Thus, service to the community will be even better. In addition Emil also emphasizes the next five years program in the aspect of tourism in West Java.

    "Tourism is the easiest, cheapest, and most absorbing option for unemployment," he said.

    According to Emil, through tourism, village independence will emerge which makes West Java more advanced. Coupled with infrastructure support from the central government. Hopefully there is an agreement to make West Java a Tourism Province.

    Of course it will improve its economic side. "The way to become a digital province to connect is its ease, supported by infrastructure that has a scale that increases trains and toll roads," he explained.

    So the West Java Provincial Government proposed the Cikidang area in Sukabumi Regency and Pangandaran Beach in Pangandaran Regency as Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

    "The SEZ process is difficult, the conditions are heavy. Be the first two, if successful, it's already an achievement. So we focus on the first two, "Emil said.

    Therefore Emil asked provincial and district / city administrations to take advantage of funding sources other than government funds such as private funds and community solidarity funds for regional development.

    The Indonesian Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya said Pangandaran and Sukabumi were considered ready as Special Economic Zones (KEK). Although actually making SEZ is not easy. In particular, there is no need for a budget as long as the land already exists. Both in Cikidang and in Pangandaran, the land is ready.

    "The next process must be built within three years, and that is the fastest, for example, promontory for one year has been able to build," he said.

    The West Java Provincial RPJMD Musrenbang was attended by the Indonesian Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs Hadi Prabowo, Head of the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Transportation Sugihardjo, Acting. Director of Regional Development of the Ministry of PPN / Bappenas Aryawan Soetiarso, DPD Member Eni Soemarni, Chairperson of West Java Province DPRD Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, Dekranasda West Java Province, Member of FKPD West Java Province, West Java Elders and Regents / Mayors in West Java.

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