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    Parliament: No More Ego Sectoral In Waste Management


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the Special Committee II of West Java Parliament H. Saipudin Zukhri, SH has just a discussion of draft Regional Regulation on the Amendment of West Java Regulation No. 12 of 2010 on Waste Management in West Java. He said one substance of the legislation on Waste Management is an integrated regional waste management which involving the municipalities and provincial governments in terms of final processing waste (TPPAS).

    "It is expected that with the enactment of this draft into regional regulation, there is no ego sectoral between the municipalities and provincial governments in terms of waste management," he said.

    West Java parliament member from the National Awakening Party was said in the expiration of final disposal site (TPA) Sarimukti in West Bandung in 2018, so it needed a new TPA to replace it.

    “There are two integrated TPPAS will be built, which are TPPAS Nambo for Bogor, Depok, Bekasi and TPPAS Lengok Nangka for Bandung Raya," he said.

    Waste management in the two Integrated TPPAS is expected to be the regional revenue (PAD) in order that the waste material that can be converted into alternative energy and others.

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