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    Supporting Community Economic Development, West Java Provincial Government and BNI Syariah Do Synergy


    BANDUNG-Bank BNI Syariah collaborates with the West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) to support the community economic development program in West Java through the MESRA (Financing the Prosperous Mosque) program, One Village One Hafidzh and the Rumah Sehat program.

    This collaboration was poured through a memorandum of understanding between the West Java Provincial Government and BNI Syariah represented by the West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil and BNI Syariah President Director, Abdullah Firman Wibowo. The signing was carried out at the same time as the Grand Launching of Relocation of BNI Syariah Regional Offices and Bandung Branch on Jalan Asia Afrika No. 174, Bandung, Tuesday (11/13).

    MESRA (Financing the Prosperous Mosque) is a financing program for the community that cannot afford through empowering and managing mosques with a loan scheme. The financing recipient is obliged to pay in installments wherein the funds are rolled back to the community which requires business capital.

    In the One Village One Hafidzh program in collaboration with the Daarut Tauhiid Foundation (DT) in strengthening the character of the ummah with the aim of producing generations of quran reciters in city cities in West Java where santri students trained by Daarut Tauhiid will teach religion and economic independence in the community development area West Java area.

    BNI Syariah Managing Director, Abdullah Firman Wibowo said, BNI Syariah together with West Java Provincial Government synergized to create young entrepreneurs so as to create an ecosystem for the development of people's independence.

    "Through sustainable business capital and strengthening of ZISWAF. We hope to become partners of Islamic banks that make a positive contribution to the local government in line with our commitment as a Hasanah Banking Partner," he said.

    In addition to the economic development of the people, another form of synergy in the health sector in collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa is the Rumah Sehat program in the form of the Dhuafa Hospital for the poor with a partnership through fundraising in the Hasanah Waqf program.

    On the same occasion the handover of the I Cinta Masjid program was carried out by DT Peduli in collaboration with BNI Syariah with the Daarut Tauhid (DT) Foundation. Another form of collaboration is the "Masjid Hasanahku" program in the form of mosque management training in 10 cities. (Parno)

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