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    BATAN Increases the Number of Partners


    BANDUNG - The National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) continues to strive to increase the number of partners to participate in disseminating the results of research and development to the community.

    This step was realized by holding a workshop with a theme describing the superiority of rice varieties produced by BATAN research with radiation technology, namely "More Superior, More Resistant, and More Productive" at Aston Bandung Hotel, on Monday (12/11) night.

    Head of BATAN, Djarot Sulistio Wisnubroto said, the workshop was an effort to strengthen cooperation between BATAN and partners in disseminating the results of BATAN's R & D especially agriculture as an educational effort considering that there are still many people who are afraid to hear the word nuclear.

    "Many people do not want to know about nuclear because of their fears, except for those who really need this workshop, it is hoped that BATAN can increase friends and partners to help disseminate BATAN's R & D results to the community," Djarot explained.

    According to Djarot, with this activity, his party will get a data base related to the land area used to plant varieties of BATAN's R & D results in agriculture and obtain benefits data for farmers who have used BATAN's R & D products in agriculture.

    "This activity is a means to get criticism and input from partners to strengthen the network between BATAN and its partners, while for partners, this is a means to interact directly with fellow partners and share experiences during cooperation with BATAN," he said.

    Djarot said that until now there had been no means of measuring the success or failure of the forms of cooperation between BATAN and partners, so learning from other parties, both universities and government institutions that had applied similar patterns in order to obtain a comprehensive formula was needed. in assessing the cooperation program. (Parno)

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