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    BATAN Promotes R & D Results


    BANDUNG - Deputy of Nuclear Technology Utilization, National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN), Hendig Winarno stated, his party had promoted the results of its litbangan to the community and had reached 31 provinces in Indonesia ranging from Aceh to West Papua, in the form of cooperation in activities Utilization of Nuclear Science and Technology R & D Results (PHLIN) and in the form of collaborative research in the form of agricultural demoplot

    "Collaboration between BATAN and partners is carried out in the form of annual employment contracts and can be continued the following year, if the results are good and both parties still want to continue," he said.

    According to Hendig, cooperation in the framework of PHLIN was carried out within a period of one year through several stages, namely socialization, empowerment, independence and partnership. After one year, the cooperation can be extended if the region or partner shows good results and increases to the next stage.

    "From the results of this collaboration, Kiya hopes that partners or regions can develop independently in utilizing BATAN's R & D results and establishing businesses in the regions to produce BATAN R & D results to meet the needs of seeds in the region, so that the spread is wider," he said.

    According to Hendig, the obstacle that is often faced in cooperating with partners is organizational change and officials from partner parties in the regions, this requires that they establish re-coordination so that the cooperation that has been initiated can run well.

    "We hope that BATAN will get a lot of input from partners in developing better R & D results and help develop agriculture and other fields in the region," said Hendig at the Nuclear Science and Technology Research and Development Results Workshop at Aston Bandung Hotel, Monday (12 /11 nights. (Parno)

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