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    Tourism Potential Is Expected To Be West Java Regional Revenue


    BANDUNG - Tourism potential is expected to be a source of Regional Revenue (PAD) in West Java Province. Therefore, it must make a big contribution to the government.

    Director of the House of Indonesian Thinkers, Asep Komarudin explained that so far it was considered too wasteful on the budget, in other words, for example, to travel to Singapore but on the contrary it did not produce tourist occupancy for Indonesia.

    "Tourism must be a source of foreign exchange for countries where we manage tourism potential well. Therefore, we must improve the quality of human resources and tourism infrastructure," Asep said to reporters at the Bandung hotel sugar cane, Monday (11/12).

    So far, West Java already has a good tourism infrastructure, only to add good tourism package packaging so as to bring in domestic and foreign tourists.

    "We already have a good tourism infrastructure but we have to add good tourism packaging too," he said.

    In addition, said Asep, professional management with good management will become the main attraction for tourists from outside the region.

    According to him, so far, tourism in West Java has been visited by tourists from the Middle East because the weather on the Pasundan land is very different from the one in his home country.

    "With these various potentials, it is expected to increase West Java PAD," he said.

    Asep also hopes that tourism in West Java can boost the national economy. During this time, foreign and domestic tourists always know Bali while for other tourist destinations they do not really know. In fact, Middle Eastern tourists always visit Malaysia before Indonesia.

    "So, we have to study in Malaysia and Singapore so that Indonesia becomes the main destination for Middle Eastern tourists," he said.

    Asep added, in the future West Java must build educational, religious and tourism tours that safeguard ecology so that the conversion of land is no longer used as housing or industry but as a place of tourism.

    "The value is better for tourist attractions compared to other industrial sectors," he concluded. jo

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