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    Here's the story of Ridwan Kamil so that He is Always Close to His Children


    BANDUNG - National Father's Day which is celebrated every November 12 is interpreted differently by everyone. As a father and Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil felt he had to be a hero to his children. Because children will follow what their parents exemplify.

    "So if his father is very close, caring, leading worship, always being present is a necessity," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's greeting at Gedung Sate Living Room, Monday (11/12/18).

    According to Emil, he claimed to feel heavy when helping to do homework for girls who attended junior high school. Until you have to start learning again by browsing through textbooks. For the sake of his son when asked can answer, especially math.

    "This is how I maintain closeness with children who are still in junior high school, even though they have become governors," Emil said.

    Unlike the pattern of approach with children who have attended high school. Emil uses a pattern of communication like a friend to his son.

    "Momotoran together, vent. Because of that, it was found out who was in his arms, "he joked.

    Even according to the story Emil, last night karaoke together with his children singing Queen's music group songs even though only 1.5 hours. Because these two days yesterday accompanied Indonesian President Joko Widodo. Even though they were tired and tired of their children's rights, they were still given, that was the struggle to give justice as an example and example.

    This is the way Emil follows his children's preferences, because they like music. If as parents feel close to children, they will be more open to us.

    "I learned about K-Pop so that I could chat with my child in connection. "If we don't understand the world, how do we know what is on their minds," he said.

    In addition Emil taught simplicity to his children. Good still while serving as Mayor of Bandung until now the Governor of West Java.

    This simplicity is taught by Emil's mother. Delivered that do not hold on to the world but which is held hereafter. Don't feel powerful and always want to be praised when holding on to the world.

    "Because if I behave poorly as a family leader they will be affected. The opposite is also true if my children are later affected. Based on the informal family agreement, we agreed, "he concluded.

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