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    54th National Health Day, West Java Provincial Government Boosts Health Innovation


    BANDUNG - On the 54th National Health Day, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil invited the community to strengthen the Movement for Healthy Living Society (Germas). Reminding of preventive patterns of healthy living must be more important than curative and rehabilitative.

    Emil said Ridwan Kamil, said this after becoming the inspector of the ceremony on the 54th National Health Day on the Gedung Sate Front Page, Monday (11/12/18).

    In an effort to improve health services in West Java, Emil said West Java Province will innovate through several programs in the health sector. Like, the Nursing Program which will begin in the city of Cirebon, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

    This service will focus on the lower middle class residents who have difficulty going to the puskesmas or hospital. So that it will be visited directly by doctors to check the health of people who are sick.
    "In addition, we plan to have a Zero Stunting program on November 18, 2018. In essence, in five years we are pursuing stunting to be lost in the world of health in West Java, "he continued.

    Then also West Java Province there will be innovations in hospitals in sub-districts that do not have to rely on the Regional Budget. "Because in Bogor there are hospitals that can be built with zakat and waqf. So if we can accelerate it, it will not only rely on the Regional Budget, "he said.

    "There is also a Puskesmas Bus program that we are currently cleaning up. So that we can take care of medical actions in the villages, "he said.

    According to Emil, if there is a health program in the district / city that is good for improving health status, it will be duplicated and used as a standard in West Java.

    On this occasion, Emil expressed the hope of the Indonesian Minister of Health, Nila Farid Moeloek, that the public must begin to be aware of healthy living behavior through the Movement for Healthy Living Society (Germas). Which has been initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to become a national movement as stipulated in Inpres No.1 of 2017 concerning the movement of healthy living people.

    Also presented an Award in order to Increase the 54th National Health Day at West Java Province in 2018:

    a. Award for District / City with the Development of the Highest ODF Village in West Java, Kesling implementers.

    First Winner of Cianjur Regency

    Second Place in Tasikmalaya Regency

    Third Place in Cirebon Regency

    b. Appreciation for Regional Heads Within 2 Times of 2015-2017 Evaluation Menda [Set Swasti Saba Wistara

    Cirebon Regency

    City of Tasikmalaya

    c. The Traditional Independent Health Care Assessment through the Utilization of West Java Province Toga and Acupressure in 2018, implementers of Primary Health Insurance.

    First Place in Urban Area Asuhan Mandiri group, Renggali RW. 07 Village of Aren Jaya, District of East Bekasi, City of Bekasi

    Second Winner in Urban Area Mandiri Care Group, Pomaga Ten. Rancabolang Village, Gedebage District, Bandung City

    Third Winner in Urban Area Asuhan Mandiri Group, RW. 03 Gedong Panjang Village, Citamiang District, Sukabumi City

    First Place in the Rural Area of ??the Asuhan Mandiri group, Kidah Buya, Rancamanggung Village, Tanjung Siang District, Subang District

    d. Exemplary Health Workers Award West Java Province In 2018, HRK implementers.

    Doctor category

    First Winner Dr. Fuziaty from Luragung Health Center, Kuningan Regency

    Second Winner Dr. Luvita from the Health Center of Sadanan in Ciamis Regency

    3rd Winner Dr. Ratih Noor Agni from Ujungjaya Health Center, Sukabumi Regency

    DENTAL Doctor Category

    1st place winner, drg. Masayu Rubianti from the East Bogor Health Center, Bogor City

    Second place winner, drg. Aries Sugih Budhiana from Tanjung Medar Health Center, Sumedang Regency

    3rd place winner, drg. Andri Bastian from the Sukaratu Health Center in Tasikmalaya Regency

    Midwife Category

    1st Winner Gina Farida from Ciranjang Health Center, Kab. Cianjur

    2nd Winner Hetty Sulistiani from Padaherang Health Center, Kab. Pangandaran

    3rd Place Midwife: Nieke Rosaline, Am.Keb. from the Puskesmas Larangan Kota Cirebon

    Sanitarian category

    1st Winner Sanitarian: Rubi Gilang Purnama, SKM from Cipanas Health Center, Kab. Cianjur

    2nd Champion Sanitarian: Eulis Suwaras, Sst., SKM from Cimaragas Health Center, Kab. Garut

    3rd Winner Sanitarian: Teti Hayati, SKM, from Mandirancang Health Center, Kab. Brass

    Health Extension Category

    1st Winner of Health Extension: Yayah Kodariah, Amd, Keb, from Pegambiran Kita Cirebon Health Center

    2nd Winner of Health Extension: Teti Suherti, SKM from Pancalang Health Center, Kab. Brass

    3rd Winner of Health Extension: Puji Hastuti, from Cikacung District Health Center. Bandung

    Nutritionist Category

    1st Place Nutritionist: Ati Agustina Antares, AMG, from Garawangi District Health Center. Brass

    2nd Winner Nutritionist: Rusmidar Diniyani, AMG from Central Cigugur Health Center, Cimahi City

    3rd place Nutritionist: Suci Natalia Putri,

    3rd Winner Nutritionist: Suci Natalia Putri, S.Gz from Karang Bahagia Health Center, Kab. Ciamis

    Pharmacist Category
    1st Place Pharmacist: Yani Lestari Rahayu, from Ciamis Health Center, Kab. Ciamis
    2nd Place Pharmacist: Wulan Anggraeni, S.Si, Apt, from Cibiru Hilir Health Center, Bandung City
    3rd Place Pharmacist: Peppi Zulfian Y.M.Faem, Apt, from Jamanis Health Center, Kab. Tasikmalaya

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