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    President: West Java Will Be A Pioneer of Conduciveity in Indonesia


    BANDUNG - A total of 165 creative communities in West Java held a Conducive West Java Declaration on Jl. Braga, Bandung, Sunday (11/11/18).

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil who attended the declaration which was also attended by religious leaders welcomed the declaration.

    For this reason, through this declaration, the President stated that West Java would be an example for other regions to maintain conduciveness in their respective regions.

    "And if you look like this - I see that Bandung, that West Java Province will be a pioneer for calm, conducive to the country we love, Indonesia," said the President.

    The President also stated that unity and harmony were the greatest assets of the republic. Although different ethnicity and religion, it is hoped that it will not be a barrier to calm and peace in this country.

    "All Indonesian citizens want our homeland to be of different ethnicity, different religions, different regional languages, all of which vary. Stay in a calm, harmonious condition, which continues to unite, "said the President.

    "Because the nation's greatest asset is unity and harmony," he continued.

    Meanwhile, Governor Ridwan Kamil hopes the President can see positive energy and creative energy from the people of West Java after visiting for two days. Including the energy of peace that is on Parahyangan's earth.

    "Today we will be conducive West Java declaration, sir (President)," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's address.

    "Behind the father are religious figures from all who are ready to declare that they will maintain peace, maintain conducive towards West Java. Born Champion Bathin, towards great Indonesia, towards anything peacefully," he said.

    Following is the Conducive West Java Declaration read by Budi Dalton, representing the creative community in West Java.

    "Conducive West Java Declaration"

    The West Java Creative Community will continue to encourage and maintain a comfortable and safe atmosphere in this province, so that the unity and unity of the nation is maintained and thus creates a free space for them to express themselves in their work.

    To help the government run a sustainable development program for the unity and unity of the Republic of Indonesia.

    Bandung, 11 November 2018

    As a form of appreciation to the President, Budi represented the creative community of West Java giving a leather jacket bearing a conducive Jabar that was directly used by the President. Previously, President Jokowi was accompanied by Governor Emil and a group of creative West Java communities rode motorbikes to the location of the Conducive West Java Declaration through Jalan Merdeka, Bandung City, from the Pasundan Association Office on Jalan Sumatera Kota Bandung.

    Before the declaration, the President and Governor of Emil also visited various exhibition stands from 165 creative communities. One of the things that caught the President's attention was the antique motorbike exhibition stand.

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